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string(7) "Al Bayt" string(7) "al-bayt"

string(17) "Al Fayrooz Lounge" string(17) "al-fayrooz-lounge"

string(9) "Angelina " string(8) "angelina"

string(31) "At.mosphere Restaurant & Lounge" string(29) "at-mosphere-restaurant-lounge"

string(16) "Bijou Patisserie" string(16) "bijou-patisserie"

string(13) "Café Godiva " string(11) "cafe-godiva"

string(29) "Choix Patisserie & Restaurant" string(27) "choix-patisserie-restaurant"

string(7) "Mosaico" string(7) "mosaico"

string(11) "Noor Lounge" string(11) "noor-lounge"

string(13) "Peacock Alley" string(13) "peacock-alley"

string(13) "Raffles Salon" string(13) "raffles-salon"

string(10) "Sahn Eddar" string(10) "sahn-eddar"

string(10) "Shai Salon" string(10) "shai-salon"

string(16) "The Lobby Lounge" string(16) "the-lobby-lounge"

string(10) "The Lounge" string(10) "the-lounge"

string(14) "Yasmine Lounge" string(14) "yasmine-lounge"

string(9) "Boardwalk" string(9) "boardwalk"

string(12) "Café Nikki " string(10) "cafe-nikki"

string(6) "Carine" string(6) "carine"

string(15) "CÉ LA VI Dubai" string(14) "ce-la-vi-dubai"

string(7) "Eauzone" string(7) "eauzone"

string(5) "folly" string(5) "folly"

string(8) "Koko Bay" string(8) "koko-bay"

string(6) "Nammos" string(6) "nammos"

string(6) "Ninive" string(6) "ninive"

string(8) "Shimmers" string(8) "shimmers"

string(10) "Summersalt" string(10) "summersalt"

string(20) "Twiggy by La Cantine" string(20) "twiggy-by-la-cantine"

string(3) "ULA" string(3) "ula"

string(4) "URLA" string(4) "urla"

string(22) "Yacht Club Restaurant " string(21) "yacht-club-restaurant"

string(18) "ZETA Seventy Seven" string(18) "zeta-seventy-seven"

string(6) "Anise " string(5) "anise"

string(19) "Armani/Mediterraneo" string(19) "armani-mediterraneo"

string(13) "Brasserie 2.0" string(13) "brasserie-2-0"

string(9) "Cordelia " string(8) "cordelia"

string(5) "Envy " string(4) "envy"

string(6) "Feast " string(5) "feast"

string(24) "Great British Restaurant" string(24) "great-british-restaurant"

string(8) "Kitchen6" string(8) "kitchen6"

string(16) "Liwan Restaurant" string(16) "liwan-restaurant"

string(6) "Makan " string(5) "makan"

string(11) "Open Sesame" string(11) "open-sesame"

string(13) " The Canteen " string(11) "the-canteen"

string(10) "The Locale" string(10) "the-locale"

string(14) "The Spice Tree" string(14) "the-spice-tree"

string(9) "The Stage" string(9) "the-stage"

string(17) "Walima Restaurant" string(17) "walima-restaurant"

string(11) "Bageri Form" string(11) "bageri-form"

string(14) "Cipriani Dolci" string(14) "cipriani-dolci"

string(11) "Home Bakery" string(11) "home-bakery"

string(14) "Kayu Bakehouse" string(14) "kayu-bakehouse"

string(12) "Il Passaggio" string(12) "il-passaggio"

string(29) "La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie" string(27) "la-serre-bistro-boulangerie"

string(20) "Madeleine et Marcel " string(19) "madeleine-et-marcel"

string(8) "Mélange" string(7) "melange"

string(13) "Tout de Sweet" string(13) "tout-de-sweet"

string(11) "Rise & Dawn" string(9) "rise-dawn"

string(16) "Yamanote Atelier" string(16) "yamanote-atelier"

string(10) "A Cappella" string(10) "a-cappella"

string(6) "Baby Q" string(6) "baby-q"

string(13) "Bla Bla Dubai" string(13) "bla-bla-dubai"

string(8) "Botanica" string(8) "botanica"

string(11) "COYA Dubai " string(10) "coya-dubai"

string(10) "Galaxy Bar" string(10) "galaxy-bar"

string(5) "Gilt " string(4) "gilt"

string(18) "Havana Social Club" string(18) "havana-social-club"

string(5) "Leon " string(4) "leon"

string(18) "Moe’s On The 5th" string(15) "moes-on-the-5th"

string(14) "Neo’s Lounge" string(11) "neos-lounge"

string(4) "NYX " string(3) "nyx"

string(12) "Off The Wall" string(12) "off-the-wall"

string(4) "Clap" string(4) "clap"

string(5) "S Bar" string(5) "s-bar"

string(4) "Zuma" string(4) "zuma"

string(20) "Bread Street Kitchen" string(20) "bread-street-kitchen"

string(14) "Double Decker " string(13) "double-decker"

string(6) "Geales" string(6) "geales"

string(36) "Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Dubai" string(33) "gordon-ramsay-hells-kitchen-dubai"

string(16) "JB’s Gastropub" string(13) "jbs-gastropub"

string(32) "Marina Social by Jason Atherton " string(31) "marina-social-by-jason-atherton"

string(22) "Reform Social & Grill " string(19) "reform-social-grill"

string(9) "Rhodes W1" string(9) "rhodes-w1"

string(10) "The Croft " string(9) "the-croft"

string(19) "The London Project " string(18) "the-london-project"

string(8) "The Nine" string(8) "the-nine"

string(26) "The Scene by Simon Rimmer " string(25) "the-scene-by-simon-rimmer"

string(31) "99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Dubai" string(29) "99-sushi-bar-restaurant-dubai"

string(16) "Amazónico Dubai" string(15) "amazonico-dubai"

string(13) "Caviar Kaspia" string(13) "caviar-kaspia"

string(15) "CÉ LA VI Dubai" string(14) "ce-la-vi-dubai"

string(7) "Hutong " string(6) "hutong"

string(10) "Indochine " string(9) "indochine"

string(30) "L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon " string(25) "latelier-de-joel-robuchon"

string(20) "LPM Restaurant & Bar" string(18) "lpm-restaurant-bar"

string(11) "Marea Dubai" string(11) "marea-dubai"

string(31) "Roberto’s Restaurant & Lounge" string(26) "robertos-restaurant-lounge"

string(4) "ROKA" string(4) "roka"

string(11) "Shanghai ME" string(11) "shanghai-me"

string(17) "SUSHISAMBA Dubai " string(16) "sushisamba-dubai"

string(4) "Zuma" string(4) "zuma"

string(27) "21grams Urban Balkan Bistro" string(27) "21grams-urban-balkan-bistro"

string(16) "Arabian Teahouse" string(16) "arabian-teahouse"

string(9) "Café 302" string(8) "cafe-302"

string(8) "Cassette" string(8) "cassette"

string(12) "Comptoir 102" string(12) "comptoir-102"

string(13) "Kulture House" string(13) "kulture-house"

string(4) "LOWE" string(4) "lowe"

string(5) "NETTE" string(5) "nette"

string(8) "Nightjar" string(8) "nightjar"

string(18) "Raw Coffee Company" string(18) "raw-coffee-company"

string(6) "tashas" string(6) "tashas"

string(13) "The Sum Of Us" string(13) "the-sum-of-us"

string(8) "Tom&Serg" string(7) "tomserg"

string(10) "VIBE Café" string(9) "vibe-cafe"

string(15) "Wild & the Moon" string(13) "wild-the-moon"

string(12) "XVA Art Cafe" string(12) "xva-art-cafe"

string(11) "Il Pomodoro" string(11) "il-pomodoro"

string(9) "Black Tap" string(9) "black-tap"

string(21) "Buffalo Wings & Rings" string(19) "buffalo-wings-rings"

string(12) "Daikan Ramen" string(12) "daikan-ramen"

string(10) "Maiz Tacos" string(10) "maiz-tacos"

string(8) "Mondoux " string(7) "mondoux"

string(9) "Moonslice" string(9) "moonslice"

string(6) "Pickl " string(5) "pickl"

string(13) "Pitfire Pizza" string(13) "pitfire-pizza"

string(16) " Pizza Di Rocco " string(14) "pizza-di-rocco"

string(17) "SLAB Test Kitchen" string(17) "slab-test-kitchen"

string(5) "SLAW " string(4) "slaw"

string(19) "Streetery Food Hall" string(19) "streetery-food-hall"

string(18) "Vietnamese Foodies" string(18) "vietnamese-foodies"

string(10) "China Club" string(10) "china-club"

string(5) "Chuan" string(5) "chuan"

string(12) "Din Tai Fung" string(12) "din-tai-fung"

string(15) "Hakkasan Dubai " string(14) "hakkasan-dubai"

string(10) "Han Shi Fu" string(10) "han-shi-fu"

string(6) "Hutong" string(6) "hutong"

string(29) "Long Teng Seafood Restaurant " string(28) "long-teng-seafood-restaurant"

string(9) "Long Yin " string(8) "long-yin"

string(16) "Maiden Shanghai " string(15) "maiden-shanghai"

string(18) "Royal China Dubai " string(17) "royal-china-dubai"

string(13) "Shang Palace " string(12) "shang-palace"

string(11) "Shanghai ME" string(11) "shanghai-me"

string(4) "SHI " string(3) "shi"

string(13) " Zheng He’s" string(9) "zheng-hes"

string(7) "Aquario" string(7) "aquario"

string(29) "Bab Al Bahr Beach Bar & Grill" string(27) "bab-al-bahr-beach-bar-grill"

string(9) "CLAW BBQ " string(8) "claw-bbq"

string(27) "DRiFT Seafood Kitchen & Bar" string(25) "drift-seafood-kitchen-bar"

string(9) "Farmhouse" string(9) "farmhouse"

string(4) "Kiyi" string(4) "kiyi"

string(12) "Levant & Nar" string(10) "levant-nar"

string(7) "Nomani " string(6) "nomani"

string(8) "Sanchaya" string(8) "sanchaya"

string(11) "Shore House" string(11) "shore-house"

string(5) "SoCal" string(5) "socal"

string(18) "The Copper Lobster" string(18) "the-copper-lobster"

string(14) "The Restaurant" string(14) "the-restaurant"

string(3) "UMI" string(3) "umi"

string(24) " Waves Beach Restaurant " string(22) "waves-beach-restaurant"

string(18) "Billionaire Dubai " string(17) "billionaire-dubai"

string(12) "DREAM Dubai " string(11) "dream-dubai"

string(32) "Flashback Speakeasy Bar & Lounge" string(30) "flashback-speakeasy-bar-lounge"

string(11) "KOYO Dubai " string(10) "koyo-dubai"

string(17) "La Casa del Tango" string(17) "la-casa-del-tango"

string(5) "NOVA " string(4) "nova"

string(9) "Papillon " string(8) "papillon"

string(24) "Play Restaurant & Lounge" string(22) "play-restaurant-lounge"

string(19) "Q’s Bar & Lounge " string(13) "qs-bar-lounge"

string(16) "SOLA Jazz Lounge" string(16) "sola-jazz-lounge"

string(11) "Sonara Camp" string(11) "sonara-camp"

string(27) "Taikun Restaurant & Lounge " string(24) "taikun-restaurant-lounge"

string(17) "The Theater Dubai" string(17) "the-theater-dubai"

string(12) "WHITE Dubai " string(11) "white-dubai"

string(16) "Asador de Aranda" string(16) "asador-de-aranda"

string(31) "At.mosphere Restaurant & Lounge" string(29) "at-mosphere-restaurant-lounge"

string(17) "Belgian Beer Cafe" string(17) "belgian-beer-cafe"

string(4) "BOCA" string(4) "boca"

string(6) "Carine" string(6) "carine"

string(7) "El Sur " string(6) "el-sur"

string(23) "Flamingo Room by tashas" string(23) "flamingo-room-by-tashas"

string(5) "Folly" string(5) "folly"

string(10) "Lana Lusa " string(9) "lana-lusa"

string(22) "Lola Taberna Española" string(21) "lola-taberna-espanola"

string(14) "MINA Brasserie" string(14) "mina-brasserie"

string(22) "Salero Tapas & Bodega " string(19) "salero-tapas-bodega"

string(5) "Tasca" string(5) "tasca"

Family Friendly
string(6) "BASTA!" string(5) "basta"

string(9) "Black Tap" string(9) "black-tap"

string(20) "Bread Street Kitchen" string(20) "bread-street-kitchen"

string(14) "Brunch & Cake " string(11) "brunch-cake"

string(22) " Counter Culture Café" string(20) "counter-culture-cafe"

string(16) "Jones the Grocer" string(16) "jones-the-grocer"

string(6) "LARTE " string(5) "larte"

string(20) " LDC Kitchen + Cafe " string(16) "ldc-kitchen-cafe"

string(16) "Lime Tree Café " string(14) "lime-tree-cafe"

string(17) "Liwan Restaurant " string(16) "liwan-restaurant"

string(13) "Maison Mathis" string(13) "maison-mathis"

string(22) "Mango Tree Thai Bistro" string(22) "mango-tree-thai-bistro"

string(21) "Reform Social & Grill" string(19) "reform-social-grill"

string(8) "The Farm" string(8) "the-farm"

string(25) "The Scene by Simon Rimmer" string(25) "the-scene-by-simon-rimmer"

string(16) "The World Eatery" string(16) "the-world-eatery"

string(20) "Trattoria By Cinque " string(19) "trattoria-by-cinque"

string(16) "Bagatelle Dubai " string(15) "bagatelle-dubai"

string(16) "Bistro Des Arts " string(15) "bistro-des-arts"

string(16) "Brasserie Boulud" string(16) "brasserie-boulud"

string(18) "Brasserie du Park " string(17) "brasserie-du-park"

string(11) "Celebrities" string(11) "celebrities"

string(28) "Couqley French Bistro & Bar " string(25) "couqley-french-bistro-bar"

string(18) "DRIFT Beach Dubai " string(17) "drift-beach-dubai"

string(14) "French Riviera" string(14) "french-riviera"

string(30) "L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon " string(25) "latelier-de-joel-robuchon"

string(9) "Le Rosé " string(7) "le-rose"

string(20) "LPM Restaurant & Bar" string(18) "lpm-restaurant-bar"

string(22) "La Cantine du Faubourg" string(22) "la-cantine-du-faubourg"

string(5) "Odeon" string(5) "odeon"

string(18) "Pierre’s Bistro " string(14) "pierres-bistro"

string(22) "Stay by Yannick Alleno" string(22) "stay-by-yannick-alleno"

string(11) "Verde Dubai" string(11) "verde-dubai"

string(10) "Akira Back" string(10) "akira-back"

string(17) "BA - Boldly Asian" string(15) "ba-boldly-asian"

string(16) "BB Social Dining" string(16) "bb-social-dining"

string(4) "Clay" string(4) "clay"

string(11) "February 30" string(11) "february-30"

string(11) "Li’Brasil" string(8) "librasil"

string(6) "Matagi" string(6) "matagi"

string(8) "Moonrise" string(8) "moonrise"

string(17) "SUSHISAMBA Dubai " string(16) "sushisamba-dubai"

string(5) "Taiko" string(5) "taiko"

string(14) "Trader Vic’s" string(11) "trader-vics"

string(23) "Ammos Greek Restaurant " string(22) "ammos-greek-restaurant"

string(6) "Anása" string(5) "anasa"

string(14) "Avli by tashas" string(14) "avli-by-tashas"

string(5) "Elia " string(4) "elia"

string(4) "GAIA" string(4) "gaia"

string(23) "Mythos Kouzina & Grill " string(20) "mythos-kouzina-grill"

string(7) "Nammos " string(6) "nammos"

string(10) "OPA Dubai " string(9) "opa-dubai"

string(5) "Paros" string(5) "paros"

string(9) "Shimmers " string(8) "shimmers"

string(6) "Skafos" string(6) "skafos"

string(22) "Taverna Greek Kitchen " string(21) "taverna-greek-kitchen"

string(12) "Armani/Amal " string(11) "armani-amal"

string(14) "Bombay Borough" string(14) "bombay-borough"

string(21) "Carnival by Trèsind " string(19) "carnival-by-tresind"

string(15) "Indya by Vineet" string(15) "indya-by-vineet"

string(7) "Khyber " string(6) "khyber"

string(17) "Little Miss India" string(17) "little-miss-india"

string(26) "MASTI Cocktails & Cuisine " string(23) "masti-cocktails-cuisine"

string(19) "Mint Leaf of London" string(19) "mint-leaf-of-london"

string(7) "Mohalla" string(7) "mohalla"

string(13) "Punjab Grill " string(12) "punjab-grill"

string(11) "Rang Mahal " string(10) "rang-mahal"

string(8) "Roobaru " string(7) "roobaru"

string(9) "Shamiana " string(8) "shamiana"

string(13) " Tandoor Tina" string(12) "tandoor-tina"

string(9) "Trèsind " string(7) "tresind"

string(16) "Trèsind Studio " string(14) "tresind-studio"

string(8) "Andiamo!" string(7) "andiamo"

string(7) "BASTA! " string(5) "basta"

string(8) "Brunello" string(8) "brunello"

string(7) "Bussola" string(7) "bussola"

string(5) "Certo" string(5) "certo"

string(5) "Isola" string(5) "isola"

string(5) "LARTE" string(5) "larte"

string(6) "LUIGIA" string(6) "luigia"

string(4) "MURA" string(4) "mura"

string(8) "Positano" string(8) "positano"

string(12) "Torno Subito" string(12) "torno-subito"

string(19) "Trattoria by Cinque" string(19) "trattoria-by-cinque"

string(17) "Armani/Ristorante" string(17) "armani-ristorante"

string(26) "Bella Restaurant & Lounge " string(23) "bella-restaurant-lounge"

string(8) "Cipriani" string(8) "cipriani"

string(5) "DUOMO" string(5) "duomo"

string(22) "Il Borro Tuscan Bistro" string(22) "il-borro-tuscan-bistro"

string(29) "Il Ristorante by Niko Romito " string(28) "il-ristorante-by-niko-romito"

string(12) "Marea Dubai " string(11) "marea-dubai"

string(8) "Pierchic" string(8) "pierchic"

string(32) "Roberto’s Restaurant & Lounge " string(26) "robertos-restaurant-lounge"

string(8) "Scalini " string(7) "scalini"

string(20) "Social by Heinz Beck" string(20) "social-by-heinz-beck"

string(12) "The Artisan " string(11) "the-artisan"

string(7) "Vanitas" string(7) "vanitas"

string(11) "Akiba Dori " string(10) "akiba-dori"

string(27) "Fujiya Japanese Restaurant " string(26) "fujiya-japanese-restaurant"

string(26) "Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori " string(23) "goldfish-sushi-yakitori"

string(8) "Hibachi " string(7) "hibachi"

string(7) "Izakaya" string(7) "izakaya"

string(10) "Kimura-Ya " string(9) "kimura-ya"

string(7) "Kinoya " string(6) "kinoya"

string(7) "Miyako " string(6) "miyako"

string(13) "Miyabi Sushi " string(12) "miyabi-sushi"

string(23) "Reif Japanese Kushiyaki" string(23) "reif-japanese-kushiyaki"

string(12) "WAWA Dining " string(11) "wawa-dining"

string(20) "Yui Japanese Cuisine" string(20) "yui-japanese-cuisine"

string(25) "99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant" string(23) "99-sushi-bar-restaurant"

string(12) "Armani/Hashi" string(12) "armani-hashi"

string(5) "Clap " string(4) "clap"

string(6) "Gohan " string(5) "gohan"

string(7) "HANAMI " string(6) "hanami"

string(8) "Hōseki" string(6) "hoseki"

string(13) "Katsuya Dubai" string(13) "katsuya-dubai"

string(9) "Kohantei " string(8) "kohantei"

string(12) "Mimi Kakushi" string(12) "mimi-kakushi"

string(5) "Netsu" string(5) "netsu"

string(11) "Nobu Dubai " string(10) "nobu-dubai"

string(5) "ROKA " string(4) "roka"

string(5) "TOMO " string(4) "tomo"

string(4) "Zuma" string(4) "zuma"

string(16) "Amazónico Dubai" string(15) "amazonico-dubai"

string(6) "Asado " string(5) "asado"

string(26) "Chamas Churrascaria & Bar " string(23) "chamas-churrascaria-bar"

string(11) "COYA Dubai " string(10) "coya-dubai"

string(6) "DESEO " string(5) "deseo"

string(16) "Hotel Cartagena " string(15) "hotel-cartagena"

string(14) "Fogo de Chão " string(12) "fogo-de-chao"

string(29) "Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge " string(26) "fogueira-restaurant-lounge"

string(11) " INTI Dubai" string(10) "inti-dubai"

string(6) "Kayto " string(5) "kayto"

string(13) "La Mezcaleria" string(13) "la-mezcaleria"

string(11) "Mama Zonia " string(10) "mama-zonia"

string(20) "Rumba Bar & Kitchen " string(17) "rumba-bar-kitchen"

string(10) "Santè Ria" string(9) "sante-ria"

string(9) "Toro Toro" string(9) "toro-toro"

string(6) "Basko " string(5) "basko"

string(9) "Boardwalk" string(9) "boardwalk"

string(7) "Cabana " string(6) "cabana"

string(6) "Carine" string(6) "carine"

string(9) "Fi’lia " string(5) "filia"

string(3) "GAL" string(3) "gal"

string(12) "Myrra by OPA" string(12) "myrra-by-opa"

string(19) "Piatti By The Beach" string(19) "piatti-by-the-beach"

string(3) "SAL" string(3) "sal"

string(12) "Terra Eatery" string(12) "terra-eatery"

string(21) "Twiggy by La Cantine " string(20) "twiggy-by-la-cantine"

string(3) "ULA" string(3) "ula"

string(5) "URLA " string(4) "urla"

string(4) "YAVA" string(4) "yava"

string(13) "Cactus Jacks " string(12) "cactus-jacks"

string(10) "El Chapos " string(9) "el-chapos"

string(13) "La Mezcaleria" string(13) "la-mezcaleria"

string(11) "La Tablita " string(10) "la-tablita"

string(28) "Loca Restaurant & Bar Dubai " string(25) "loca-restaurant-bar-dubai"

string(31) "Luchador Roof Cantina & Lounge " string(28) "luchador-roof-cantina-lounge"

string(27) "Maya Mexican Kitchen & Bar " string(24) "maya-mexican-kitchen-bar"

string(7) "Meshico" string(7) "meshico"

string(10) "Muchachas " string(9) "muchachas"

string(10) "Puerto 99 " string(9) "puerto-99"

string(10) "Senor Pico" string(10) "senor-pico"

string(7) "Tortuga" string(7) "tortuga"

string(11) "Al Nafoorah" string(11) "al-nafoorah"

string(11) "Antika Bar " string(10) "antika-bar"

string(5) "Asil " string(4) "asil"

string(7) "Ayamna " string(6) "ayamna"

string(5) "Baba " string(4) "baba"

string(14) "Bab Al Mansoor" string(14) "bab-al-mansoor"

string(5) "Besh " string(4) "besh"

string(5) "Cleo " string(4) "cleo"

string(12) "Cloud Lounge" string(12) "cloud-lounge"

string(10) "CZN Burak " string(9) "czn-burak"

string(7) "Enigma " string(6) "enigma"

string(7) "Ninive " string(6) "ninive"

string(22) "Orfali Bros Bistronomy" string(22) "orfali-bros-bistronomy"

string(9) "Shabestan" string(9) "shabestan"

string(13) "The Courtyard" string(13) "the-courtyard"

string(7) "Tagine " string(6) "tagine"

string(12) "Café Beirut" string(11) "cafe-beirut"

string(19) "Electric Pawn Shop " string(18) "electric-pawn-shop"

string(11) "EL&N Dubai " string(9) "eln-dubai"

string(29) " Ernst Biergarten & Wirtshaus" string(26) "ernst-biergarten-wirtshaus"

string(16) "Eunoia by Carine" string(16) "eunoia-by-carine"

string(23) "Home by McGettigan’s " string(19) "home-by-mcgettigans"

string(13) "La Maison Ani" string(13) "la-maison-ani"

string(15) "Roaring Rabbit " string(14) "roaring-rabbit"

string(7) "Solcasa" string(7) "solcasa"

string(9) "Surf Club" string(9) "surf-club"

string(12) "The Crossing" string(12) "the-crossing"

string(6) "TROVE " string(5) "trove"

string(4) "Vero" string(4) "vero"

string(10) " Villamore" string(9) "villamore"

string(10) "11Woodfire" string(10) "11woodfire"

string(6) "Alaya " string(5) "alaya"

string(7) "Amelia " string(6) "amelia"

string(8) "AVATARA " string(7) "avatara"

string(11) "Bar Du Port" string(11) "bar-du-port"

string(12) " Canary Club" string(11) "canary-club"

string(10) "Demon Duck" string(10) "demon-duck"

string(25) " L’Amo Bistro del Mare " string(20) "lamo-bistro-del-mare"

string(10) "Lucia’s " string(6) "lucias"

string(15) " MayaBay Dubai " string(13) "mayabay-dubai"

string(5) "Nonya" string(5) "nonya"

string(5) "Sucre" string(5) "sucre"

string(5) "TABU " string(4) "tabu"

string(10) " Tàn Chá" string(7) "tan-cha"

string(8) "The Pods" string(8) "the-pods"

string(5) "Varq " string(4) "varq"

string(9) "Americano" string(9) "americano"

string(15) "CMP Bar & Grill" string(13) "cmp-bar-grill"

string(8) "Claw BBQ" string(8) "claw-bbq"

string(21) "FireLake Grill House " string(20) "firelake-grill-house"

string(18) "Havana Social Club" string(18) "havana-social-club"

string(14) "Miss Lily’s " string(10) "miss-lilys"

string(7) "NOÉPE " string(5) "noepe"

string(27) "Nola Eatery & Social house " string(24) "nola-eatery-social-house"

string(13) "Stars N Bars " string(12) "stars-n-bars"

string(7) "Tamoka " string(6) "tamoka"

string(25) "The MAINE Land Brasserie " string(24) "the-maine-land-brasserie"

string(16) "The Selfish Bull" string(16) "the-selfish-bull"

string(9) "Ting Irie" string(9) "ting-irie"

string(16) "Weslodge Saloon " string(15) "weslodge-saloon"

string(23) "101 Dining Lounge & Bar" string(21) "101-dining-lounge-bar"

string(18) " BAI Bar & Terrace" string(15) "bai-bar-terrace"

string(7) "Barasti" string(7) "barasti"

string(37) "Belgian Beer Cafe Dubai Festival City" string(37) "belgian-beer-cafe-dubai-festival-city"

string(11) "February 30" string(11) "february-30"

string(7) "Flair 5" string(7) "flair-5"

string(21) "Infinity Bar at Tasca" string(21) "infinity-bar-at-tasca"

string(11) "Iris Dubai " string(10) "iris-dubai"

string(12) "Jetty Lounge" string(12) "jetty-lounge"

string(25) "Lolita Pool Bar & Lounge " string(22) "lolita-pool-bar-lounge"

string(8) "St. Trop" string(7) "st-trop"

string(14) "Thia Skylounge" string(14) "thia-skylounge"

string(9) "Treehouse" string(9) "treehouse"

string(19) "Urban Bar & Kitchen" string(17) "urban-bar-kitchen"

string(11) "Wavebreaker" string(11) "wavebreaker"

string(6) "3 Fils" string(6) "3-fils"

string(10) "Asia Asia " string(9) "asia-asia"

string(9) "Blue Jade" string(9) "blue-jade"

string(17) "Buddha-Bar Dubai " string(16) "buddha-bar-dubai"

string(16) "CÉ LA VI Dubai " string(14) "ce-la-vi-dubai"

string(6) "Hoi An" string(6) "hoi-an"

string(10) "Indochine " string(9) "indochine"

string(5) "Kimpo" string(5) "kimpo"

string(8) "LAH LAH " string(7) "lah-lah"

string(3) "Lao" string(3) "lao"

string(7) "Mekong " string(6) "mekong"

string(8) "Wazuzhu " string(7) "wazuzhu"

string(5) "Zengo" string(5) "zengo"

string(10) "Akira Back" string(10) "akira-back"

string(11) "Café Belge" string(10) "cafe-belge"

string(7) "Flair 5" string(7) "flair-5"

string(10) "KOYO Dubai" string(10) "koyo-dubai"

string(21) "Lock, Stock & Barrel " string(17) "lock-stock-barrel"

string(12) "Lucky Voice " string(11) "lucky-voice"

string(15) "Maiden Shanghai" string(15) "maiden-shanghai"

string(11) "Mama Zonia " string(10) "mama-zonia"

string(12) " Papa Dubai " string(10) "papa-dubai"

string(19) "Red Madness Brunch " string(18) "red-madness-brunch"

string(8) "Saffron " string(7) "saffron"

string(13) "Seven Sisters" string(13) "seven-sisters"

string(10) "STK Dubai " string(9) "stk-dubai"

string(12) "Torno Subito" string(12) "torno-subito"

string(8) "Vanitas " string(7) "vanitas"

string(18) "Bridgewater Tavern" string(18) "bridgewater-tavern"

string(16) "Fibber Magee’s" string(13) "fibber-magees"

string(11) "Garden On 8" string(11) "garden-on-8"

string(22) "Goose Island Tap House" string(22) "goose-island-tap-house"

string(13) "Hudson Tavern" string(13) "hudson-tavern"

string(21) "Lock, Stock & Barrel " string(17) "lock-stock-barrel"

string(14) "McCafferty’s" string(11) "mccaffertys"

string(14) "McGettigan’s" string(11) "mcgettigans"

string(14) "McGettigan’s" string(11) "mcgettigans"

string(16) "Nezesaussi Grill" string(16) "nezesaussi-grill"

string(12) "Phileas Fogg" string(12) "phileas-fogg"

string(21) "Reform Social & Grill" string(19) "reform-social-grill"

string(16) "The Dubliner’s" string(13) "the-dubliners"

string(21) " The Exit Sports Bar " string(19) "the-exit-sports-bar"

string(17) "The Irish Village" string(17) "the-irish-village"

string(19) "The Underground Pub" string(19) "the-underground-pub"

string(16) "Amazónico Dubai" string(15) "amazonico-dubai"

string(13) "folly Rooftop" string(13) "folly-rooftop"

string(8) "Level 43" string(8) "level-43"

string(12) "Luna Sky Bar" string(12) "luna-sky-bar"

string(10) "Monkey Bar" string(10) "monkey-bar"

string(5) "Paros" string(5) "paros"

string(42) "Privilege – SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences" string(36) "privilege-sls-dubai-hotel-residences"

string(15) "Pure Sky Lounge" string(15) "pure-sky-lounge"

string(14) "Seven Sisters " string(13) "seven-sisters"

string(4) "SoBe" string(4) "sobe"

string(20) "The Penthouse Dubai " string(19) "the-penthouse-dubai"

string(11) "TwentyThree" string(11) "twentythree"

string(17) "BB Social Dining " string(16) "bb-social-dining"

string(4) "BOCA" string(4) "boca"

string(14) "Brasserie 2.0 " string(13) "brasserie-2-0"

string(8) "Fi’lia" string(5) "filia"

string(20) "FireLake Grill House" string(20) "firelake-grill-house"

string(6) "Isola " string(5) "isola"

string(23) "Lola Taberna Española " string(21) "lola-taberna-espanola"

string(6) "MASTI " string(5) "masti"

string(14) "Miss Lily’s " string(10) "miss-lilys"

string(21) "Poolside Brunch Club " string(20) "poolside-brunch-club"

string(18) "The London Project" string(18) "the-london-project"

string(17) "Wanderlust Brunch" string(17) "wanderlust-brunch"

string(7) "Yalumba" string(7) "yalumba"

string(11) "Alici Dubai" string(11) "alici-dubai"

string(11) "Café Nikki" string(10) "cafe-nikki"

string(16) "CÉ LA VI Dubai " string(14) "ce-la-vi-dubai"

string(11) "COYA Dubai " string(10) "coya-dubai"

string(9) "Indochine" string(9) "indochine"

string(22) "La Cantine du Faubourg" string(22) "la-cantine-du-faubourg"

string(12) "Mimi Kakushi" string(12) "mimi-kakushi"

string(10) "Nobu Dubai" string(10) "nobu-dubai"

string(31) "Roberto’s Restaurant & Lounge" string(26) "robertos-restaurant-lounge"

string(4) "ROKA" string(4) "roka"

string(23) "Tasca by José Avillez " string(21) "tasca-by-jose-avillez"

string(6) "BASTA " string(5) "basta"

string(37) "Traiteur Brunch at Brasserie du Park " string(36) "traiteur-brunch-at-brasserie-du-park"

string(5) "Zuma " string(4) "zuma"

string(3) "101" string(3) "101"

string(6) "Alici " string(5) "alici"

string(18) "Beach Bar & Grill " string(15) "beach-bar-grill"

string(14) "Caviar Kaspia " string(13) "caviar-kaspia"

string(18) "Fish Beach Taverna" string(18) "fish-beach-taverna"

string(12) "Fish Market " string(11) "fish-market"

string(10) "Ibn AlBahr" string(10) "ibn-albahr"

string(10) "Lucky Fish" string(10) "lucky-fish"

string(24) "Moana Seafood Restaurant" string(24) "moana-seafood-restaurant"

string(7) "Ossiano" string(7) "ossiano"

string(9) "Rockfish " string(8) "rockfish"

string(8) "Samakje " string(7) "samakje"

string(14) "Seafood Market" string(14) "seafood-market"

string(7) "Sea Fu " string(6) "sea-fu"

string(28) "The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill" string(26) "the-maine-oyster-bar-grill"

string(8) "BeefBar " string(7) "beefbar"

string(11) "Bull & Bear" string(9) "bull-bear"

string(24) "Carna by Dario Cecchini " string(23) "carna-by-dario-cecchini"

string(16) "Hunter & Barrel " string(13) "hunter-barrel"

string(7) "Nusr-Et" string(7) "nusr-et"

string(24) "Observatory Bar & Grill " string(21) "observatory-bar-grill"

string(30) "Porterhouse Steaks and Grills " string(29) "porterhouse-steaks-and-grills"

string(5) "PRIME" string(5) "prime"

string(8) "Prime68 " string(7) "prime68"

string(17) "Rhain Steakhouse " string(16) "rhain-steakhouse"

string(19) "Seafire Steakhouse " string(18) "seafire-steakhouse"

string(12) "The Meat Co " string(11) "the-meat-co"

string(13) "The Rib Room " string(12) "the-rib-room"

string(21) "World Cut Steakhouse " string(20) "world-cut-steakhouse"

string(9) "Benjarong" string(9) "benjarong"

string(10) "Café Isan" string(9) "cafe-isan"

string(10) "Charm Thai" string(10) "charm-thai"

string(23) "Mango Tree Thai Bistro " string(22) "mango-tree-thai-bistro"

string(6) "Mekong" string(6) "mekong"

string(8) "Pai Thai" string(8) "pai-thai"

string(11) "Sticky Rice" string(11) "sticky-rice"

string(10) "Sukhothai " string(9) "sukhothai"

string(17) "The Thai Kitchen " string(16) "the-thai-kitchen"

string(9) "Thiptara " string(8) "thiptara"

string(9) "Tong Thai" string(9) "tong-thai"

string(9) "Wise Kwai" string(9) "wise-kwai"

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