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Afternoon Tea
string(5) "Alba " string(4) "alba"

string(9) "Al Meylas" string(9) "al-meylas"

string(14) "Crystal Lounge" string(14) "crystal-lounge"

string(8) "Le Café" string(7) "le-cafe"

string(12) "Lobby Lounge" string(12) "lobby-lounge"

string(12) "Lobby Lounge" string(12) "lobby-lounge"

string(19) "Majlis Lobby Lounge" string(19) "majlis-lobby-lounge"

string(16) "Majlis Saadiyat " string(15) "majlis-saadiyat"

string(24) "Observation Deck at 300 " string(23) "observation-deck-at-300"

string(12) "Pearl Lounge" string(12) "pearl-lounge"

string(10) "The Lounge" string(10) "the-lounge"

Al Fresco Dining
string(12) "Alba Terrace" string(12) "alba-terrace"

string(4) "AT25" string(4) "at25"

string(11) "BBQ Al Qasr" string(11) "bbq-al-qasr"

string(17) "Buddha-Bar Beach " string(16) "buddha-bar-beach"

string(18) "Catch at St. Regis" string(17) "catch-at-st-regis"

string(14) "Filini Garden " string(13) "filini-garden"

string(16) "Grills@Chill’O" string(12) "grillschillo"

string(29) "Pacifico TIKI Dining & Lounge" string(27) "pacifico-tiki-dining-lounge"

string(23) "Turtle Bay Bar & Grill " string(20) "turtle-bay-bar-grill"

string(9) "Waves Bar" string(9) "waves-bar"

string(8) "WET Deck" string(8) "wet-deck"

All Day Dining
string(16) "Artisan Kitchen " string(15) "artisan-kitchen"

string(8) "Al Rimal" string(8) "al-rimal"

string(6) "Garage" string(6) "garage"

string(22) "Graphos Social Kitchen" string(22) "graphos-social-kitchen"

string(7) "Ginger " string(6) "ginger"

string(7) "Khayal " string(6) "khayal"

string(7) "Kuzbara" string(7) "kuzbara"

string(14) "Latest Recipe " string(13) "latest-recipe"

string(7) "Pepper " string(6) "pepper"

string(10) "Sidekicks " string(9) "sidekicks"

string(9) "Sofra-Bld" string(9) "sofra-bld"

string(9) "The Café" string(8) "the-cafe"

string(27) "The Terrace on the Corniche" string(27) "the-terrace-on-the-corniche"

string(10) "Turquoise " string(9) "turquoise"

string(11) "Le Vendôme" string(10) "le-vendome"

string(6) "White " string(5) "white"

string(11) "Art Lounge " string(10) "art-lounge"

string(16) "Dragon’s Tooth" string(13) "dragons-tooth"

string(10) "Hidden Bar" string(10) "hidden-bar"

string(15) "Jazz & Fizz Bar" string(13) "jazz-fizz-bar"

string(12) "Library Bar " string(11) "library-bar"

string(9) "Marta Bar" string(9) "marta-bar"

string(12) "Ray’s Bar " string(8) "rays-bar"

string(30) "The Warehouse Tapas & Wine Bar" string(28) "the-warehouse-tapas-wine-bar"

Beach / Pool Bar
string(23) "Balcon Lounge & Terrace" string(21) "balcon-lounge-terrace"

string(25) "Capila Pool Bar and Grill" string(25) "capila-pool-bar-and-grill"

string(7) "Eclipse" string(7) "eclipse"

string(3) "GLO" string(3) "glo"

string(4) "Glow" string(4) "glow"

string(4) "Loop" string(4) "loop"

string(20) "Nasma Beachfront Bar" string(20) "nasma-beachfront-bar"

string(16) "Shades Pool Bar " string(15) "shades-pool-bar"

string(19) "Smokin’ Pineapple" string(16) "smokin-pineapple"

string(20) "Splash Poolside Bar " string(19) "splash-poolside-bar"

string(11) "Up & Below " string(8) "up-below"

string(9) "Waves Bar" string(9) "waves-bar"

string(24) "WET Deck at W Abu Dhabi " string(23) "wet-deck-at-w-abu-dhabi"

Business Lunch
string(31) "99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Dubai" string(29) "99-sushi-bar-restaurant-dubai"

string(12) "Cafe Milano " string(11) "cafe-milano"

string(14) "COYA Abu Dhabi" string(14) "coya-abu-dhabi"

string(12) "Dai Pai Dong" string(12) "dai-pai-dong"

string(20) "LPM Restaurant & Bar" string(18) "lpm-restaurant-bar"

string(15) " Market Kitchen" string(14) "market-kitchen"

string(15) "ZUMA Abu Dhabi " string(14) "zuma-abu-dhabi"

string(14) "90 Centigrade " string(13) "90-centigrade"

string(9) "Alkalime " string(8) "alkalime"

string(14) "Art House Cafe" string(14) "art-house-cafe"

string(25) "Blacksmith Coffee Company" string(25) "blacksmith-coffee-company"

string(13) "Brunch & Cake" string(11) "brunch-cake"

string(9) "Cafe 302 " string(8) "cafe-302"

string(11) "Cafe Arabia" string(11) "cafe-arabia"

string(11) "DRVN Coffee" string(11) "drvn-coffee"

string(12) "Fa’e Cafe " string(8) "fae-cafe"

string(18) "Fifth Street Cafe " string(17) "fifth-street-cafe"

string(36) "Montauk Boutique Café & Restaurant " string(32) "montauk-boutique-cafe-restaurant"

string(28) "No. FiftySeven Boutique Cafe" string(27) "no-fiftyseven-boutique-cafe"

string(13) "Sanderson’s" string(10) "sandersons"

string(6) "Tashas" string(6) "tashas"

string(15) "The Turtle Cove" string(15) "the-turtle-cove"

Casual Dining
string(9) "Black Tap" string(9) "black-tap"

string(12) "Burro Blanco" string(12) "burro-blanco"

string(16) "Jones The Grocer" string(16) "jones-the-grocer"

string(12) "Off The Hook" string(12) "off-the-hook"

string(5) "Pickl" string(5) "pickl"

string(14) "Pizza Di Rocco" string(14) "pizza-di-rocco"

string(27) "Stock Burger Co. Abu Dhabi " string(25) "stock-burger-co-abu-dhabi"

string(8) "SushiSan" string(8) "sushisan"

string(3) "UDN" string(3) "udn"

Culinary Staycation In Abu Dhabi
string(10) "Al Badiya " string(9) "al-badiya"

string(22) "Desert Gate Restaurant" string(22) "desert-gate-restaurant"

string(9) "Eden Rock" string(9) "eden-rock"

string(7) "Ghadeer" string(7) "ghadeer"

string(14) "Trader Vic’s" string(11) "trader-vics"

string(25) "Olio Restaurant & Lounge " string(22) "olio-restaurant-lounge"

string(8) "Paco’s" string(5) "pacos"

string(7) "Tanjore" string(7) "tanjore"

string(11) "Terra Secca" string(11) "terra-secca"

string(7) "Zaitoun" string(7) "zaitoun"

string(13) "Belgian Café" string(12) "belgian-cafe"

string(15) "Bentley Kitchen" string(15) "bentley-kitchen"

string(8) "Brauhaus" string(8) "brauhaus"

string(9) "Diablito " string(8) "diablito"

string(8) "Paradiso" string(8) "paradiso"

string(13) "Cyan Braserie" string(13) "cyan-braserie"

string(21) "Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi" string(18) "fouquets-abu-dhabi"

string(9) "La Salle " string(8) "la-salle"

string(13) "Le Beaujolais" string(13) "le-beaujolais"

string(11) "Le Bistrot " string(10) "le-bistrot"

string(21) "LPM Restaurant & Bar " string(18) "lpm-restaurant-bar"

string(26) "Raclette Brasserie & Cafe " string(23) "raclette-brasserie-cafe"

string(23) "Bambu Bar & Restaurant " string(20) "bambu-bar-restaurant"

string(27) "Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi " string(26) "buddha-bar-beach-abu-dhabi"

string(7) "Mykonos" string(7) "mykonos"

string(17) "Nolu’s Downtown" string(14) "nolus-downtown"

string(29) "Pacifico TIKI Dining & Lounge" string(27) "pacifico-tiki-dining-lounge"

string(6) "Teatro" string(6) "teatro"

string(15) "Trader Vic’s " string(11) "trader-vics"

string(6) "Indigo" string(6) "indigo"

string(27) "Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi " string(26) "martabaan-by-hemant-oberoi"

string(6) " Moksh" string(5) "moksh"

string(4) "MYNT" string(4) "mynt"

string(6) "Namak " string(5) "namak"

string(11) "Peppermill " string(10) "peppermill"

string(12) "Punjab Grill" string(12) "punjab-grill"

string(8) "Rangoli " string(7) "rangoli"

string(5) "Ushna" string(5) "ushna"

string(5) "Zeera" string(5) "zeera"

string(13) "Belgian Café" string(12) "belgian-cafe"

string(27) "Brick Rooftop Kitchen & Bar" string(25) "brick-rooftop-kitchen-bar"

string(11) "Fresh Basil" string(11) "fresh-basil"

string(14) "Market Kitchen" string(14) "market-kitchen"

string(16) "West Bay Lounge " string(15) "west-bay-lounge"

Italian Casual Dining
string(8) " Antonia" string(7) "antonia"

string(24) "Dino’s Bistro Italiano" string(21) "dinos-bistro-italiano"

string(13) "Filini Garden" string(13) "filini-garden"

string(27) "Gabbiano Italian Restaurant" string(27) "gabbiano-italian-restaurant"

string(20) "Jazz @ Pizza Express" string(18) "jazz-pizza-express"

string(26) "Marco’s New York Italian" string(23) "marcos-new-york-italian"

string(9) "Prego’s" string(6) "pregos"

string(13) "Si Ristorante" string(13) "si-ristorante"

string(6) "Verso " string(5) "verso"

Italian Fine Dining
string(11) "Cafe Milano" string(11) "cafe-milano"

string(9) "Cipriani " string(8) "cipriani"

string(10) "Mare Mare " string(9) "mare-mare"

string(5) "Sacci" string(5) "sacci"

string(5) "Sole " string(4) "sole"

string(13) "Villa Toscana" string(13) "villa-toscana"

string(25) "99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant" string(23) "99-sushi-bar-restaurant"

string(10) "Aja Asian " string(9) "aja-asian"

string(10) "Akiba Dori" string(10) "akiba-dori"

string(12) "Café Sushi " string(10) "cafe-sushi"

string(14) "Daikon Izakaya" string(14) "daikon-izakaya"

string(4) "NIRI" string(4) "niri"

string(10) "Tori No Su" string(10) "tori-no-su"

string(4) "Zuma" string(4) "zuma"

Latin American
string(27) "Amerigos Mexican Restaurant" string(27) "amerigos-mexican-restaurant"

string(7) "Chamas " string(6) "chamas"

string(15) "COYA Abu Dhabi " string(14) "coya-abu-dhabi"

string(5) "Dusk " string(4) "dusk"

string(15) "La Carnita 2.0 " string(14) "la-carnita-2-0"

string(5) "Loca " string(4) "loca"

string(6) "VaKaVa" string(6) "vakava"

string(6) "ANNEX " string(5) "annex"

string(8) "B Lounge" string(8) "b-lounge"

string(22) "Blu Sky Lounge & Grill" string(20) "blu-sky-lounge-grill"

string(16) "Impressions Bar " string(15) "impressions-bar"

string(14) "Iris Abu Dhabi" string(14) "iris-abu-dhabi"

string(4) "LEXX" string(4) "lexx"

string(18) "Shala Beach Lounge" string(18) "shala-beach-lounge"

string(17) "Siddhartha Lounge" string(17) "siddhartha-lounge"

string(7) "Stratos" string(7) "stratos"

string(12) "The Overlook" string(12) "the-overlook"

string(9) "W Lounge " string(8) "w-lounge"

string(5) "Y Bar" string(5) "y-bar"

string(7) "Zsa Zsa" string(7) "zsa-zsa"

string(12) "Alba Terrace" string(12) "alba-terrace"

string(12) "Beach House " string(11) "beach-house"

string(9) "Eat Greek" string(9) "eat-greek"

string(10) "Giornotte " string(9) "giornotte"

string(5) "Oléa" string(4) "olea"

Middle Eastern
string(6) "Barouk" string(6) "barouk"

string(15) "Beirut Sur Mer " string(14) "beirut-sur-mer"

string(6) "Bushra" string(6) "bushra"

string(15) "Byblos Sur Mer " string(14) "byblos-sur-mer"

string(25) "Dahab Restaurant & Lounge" string(23) "dahab-restaurant-lounge"

string(13) "Grand Beirut " string(12) "grand-beirut"

string(6) "Hooked" string(6) "hooked"

string(6) "Kamoon" string(6) "kamoon"

string(9) "Li Beirut" string(9) "li-beirut"

string(17) "Mazaj Bab Al Bahr" string(17) "mazaj-bab-al-bahr"

string(6) "Mezlai" string(6) "mezlai"

string(7) "Mijana " string(6) "mijana"

string(25) "Stouff Beirut Restaurant " string(24) "stouff-beirut-restaurant"

string(4) "Tean" string(4) "tean"

string(10) " Almayass " string(8) "almayass"

string(19) "Central Abu Dhabi " string(17) "central-abu-dhabi"

string(14) " Din Tai Fung " string(12) "din-tai-fung"

string(13) " Emmy Squared" string(12) "emmy-squared"

string(6) "Maté " string(4) "mate"

string(5) "MAZI " string(4) "mazi"

string(6) "Otoro " string(5) "otoro"

string(9) "Ting Irie" string(9) "ting-irie"

string(6) "Talea " string(5) "talea"

Pan Asian
string(9) "Asia Asia" string(9) "asia-asia"

string(9) "Benjarong" string(9) "benjarong"

string(20) "Cho Gao Marina Walk " string(19) "cho-gao-marina-walk"

string(13) "Dai Pai Dong " string(12) "dai-pai-dong"

string(14) "Ginger Mermaid" string(14) "ginger-mermaid"

string(19) "Hakkasan Abu Dhabi " string(18) "hakkasan-abu-dhabi"

string(6) "Hoi An" string(6) "hoi-an"

string(8) "Li Jiang" string(8) "li-jiang"

string(12) "Shang Palace" string(12) "shang-palace"

string(13) "Silk & Spice " string(10) "silk-spice"

string(7) "Sontaya" string(7) "sontaya"

string(10) "Appaloosa " string(9) "appaloosa"

string(16) "Captain’s Arms" string(13) "captains-arms"

string(27) "Cooper’s Bar & Restaurant" string(22) "coopers-bar-restaurant"

string(22) "Hamilton’s Gastropub" string(19) "hamiltons-gastropub"

string(13) "Hemingway’s" string(10) "hemingways"

string(20) "Lock Stock & Barrel " string(17) "lock-stock-barrel"

string(14) "McGettigan’s" string(11) "mcgettigans"

string(21) "Offside Sports Lounge" string(21) "offside-sports-lounge"

string(27) "PJ O’Reilly’s Irish Pub" string(21) "pj-oreillys-irish-pub"

string(20) "Porters English Pub " string(19) "porters-english-pub"

string(24) "Stills Restaurant & Bar " string(21) "stills-restaurant-bar"

string(10) "The Tavern" string(10) "the-tavern"

string(8) "Velocity" string(8) "velocity"

Saturday Brunch – Casual Dining
string(13) "Alba Terrace " string(12) "alba-terrace"

string(6) "Crust " string(5) "crust"

string(9) "CuiScene " string(8) "cuiscene"

string(25) "Dino’s Bistro Italiano " string(21) "dinos-bistro-italiano"

string(7) "Garage " string(6) "garage"

string(10) "Giornotte " string(9) "giornotte"

string(7) "Khayal " string(6) "khayal"

string(15) "Market Kitchen " string(14) "market-kitchen"

string(17) "PJ O’Reilly’s" string(11) "pj-oreillys"

string(7) "Sim Sim" string(7) "sim-sim"

string(10) "Sofra Bld " string(9) "sofra-bld"

string(11) "The Westin " string(10) "the-westin"

string(13) "Urban Kitchen" string(13) "urban-kitchen"

Saturday Brunch – Fine Dining
string(17) "Buddha-Bar Beach " string(16) "buddha-bar-beach"

string(15) "Butcher & Still" string(13) "butcher-still"

string(14) "COYA Abu Dhabi" string(14) "coya-abu-dhabi"

string(7) "Nahaam " string(6) "nahaam"

string(8) "Oak Room" string(8) "oak-room"

string(6) "VaKaVa" string(6) "vakava"

string(5) "White" string(5) "white"

string(5) "Zuma " string(4) "zuma"

string(9) "Aquarium " string(8) "aquarium"

string(18) "Catch at St. Regis" string(17) "catch-at-st-regis"

string(5) "Finz " string(4) "finz"

string(10) "Fishmarket" string(10) "fishmarket"

string(7) "Flooka " string(6) "flooka"

string(6) "Safina" string(6) "safina"

string(22) "Turtle Bay Bar & Grill" string(20) "turtle-bay-bar-grill"

string(11) " Blue Grill" string(10) "blue-grill"

string(16) "Butcher & Still " string(13) "butcher-still"

string(16) "Hunter & Barrel " string(13) "hunter-barrel"

string(37) "Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill" string(35) "marco-pierre-white-steakhouse-grill"

string(8) "Nusr-Et " string(7) "nusr-et"

string(8) "Oak Room" string(8) "oak-room"

string(11) "Rodeo Grill" string(11) "rodeo-grill"

string(36) "Stratos Revolving Lounge Bar & Grill" string(34) "stratos-revolving-lounge-bar-grill"

string(21) "The Directors’ Club" string(18) "the-directors-club"

string(10) "The Forge " string(9) "the-forge"

string(9) "The Grill" string(9) "the-grill"

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