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Contemporary art meets NFT’s in this new exhibit at Vida Downtown

The pioneering event will blur the lines between sculptures and NFT’s.

A celebrated hub for entrepreneurial and creative minds, Vida Downtown will play host to a visionary contemporary art exhibit by renowned French artist Vincent Faudemer on Thursday, 10 February 2022. The first exhibit of its kind in the UAE will blur the lines between sculptures and NFT’s to deliver an unprecedented, immersive art experience centred around Faudemer’s celebrated chrome-covered Babolex sculptures. 

Vida Downtown

Taking place at Stage2, Vida Downtown, the exhibit, brought to Dubai for the very first time by Vida Hotels and Resorts in collaboration with ArtTime, will enable art enthusiasts and collectors to explore the art world’s newest frontier: the Metaverse. As the Metaverse’s first contemporary artist, Vincent Faudemer is renowned for his intriguing involvement with blockchain technology. His first Babolex, created in 2018, had the Bitcoin logo lettered on its back. In addition, ultra-limited edition Babolex sculptures, in two different sizes, will be available for collectors to purchase in limited quantities at the event.

For his ArtTime exhibition at Vida Downtown, Faudemer will supplement every Babolex purchase with a non-fungible token (NFT) from his Babolex NFT collection as well as a luxurious villa in Los Angeles in the Metaverse. Furthermore, for every Babolex purchase, the artist will invest 10% of the amount in cryptocurrency, promising to reimburse the collector once the investment has reached the amount first paid by the collector for the purchase. 

Vida Downtown

“Since the creation of my Babolex in 2018, I have always associated art with cryptocurrencies. Today, the possibilities with the metaverse are immense. I continue to make the bridge with the world of contemporary art to bring my collectors into this new world,” commented Vincent Faudemer. 

GO: Visit or follow @vincent_faudemer_art on Instagram for more information.

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