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Museum Hub in Souk Al Marfa now showcases UAE history

Check out rare and historical artefacts in the new museum.

To all those naysayers who think that the UAE lacks history and culture, it’s time to pay a visit to Museum Hub in Souk Al Marfa, the waterfront souk and marketplace in Deira Islands. The new museum contains the country’s most precious antiques, handmade paintings, medical instruments and a dedicated women’s museum.

This is your chance to travel back in time and learn about the UAE’s heritage, as the museum is home to artefacts that are between 40 to 200 years old. If you want to brush up on your UAE history, you’ll be impressed by the handmade portraits of the country’s leaders. 

Museum Hub

Some of the rarer items include jewellery, daggers, musical instruments, fishing equipment and even toys. Plus, the collection includes rare pearl boxes that are more than 100 years old, and give an insight into how the UAE’s pearl industry was instrumental in the country’s early success. 

The Museum Hub is just that – a hub of museums – and it aims to grow the collection and launch an additional 50 museums by September and 50 more every six months. The collection is not just there for you to look at – although we are sure the gram will enjoy it – but you can also purchase items. In fact, the current collection is valued to be more than AED 100 million. 

Museum Hub

General Manager at Souk Al Marfa, Muath Abdulqader Alrais, said: “We are excited to be bringing residents and visitors the opportunity to observe multiple collections of the country’s most historical advancements under one roof. We look forward to welcoming visitors and providing a unique experience to all.” 

Founder of Museum Hub, Naser Sulaiman, added: “I have been collecting this selection of artefacts and antiques for over 25 years now with the aim to educate and inspire tourists, expats and younger generations to learn about the heritage of our country and the advancements it has made in the past 50 years. Collectors will also have access to a rare collection that has not been tapped into before.”

Museum Hub

While you are in Souk Al Marfa, check out the aromatic perfume and oud exhibition. Plus, you can taste and buy chocolate, sweets, rare teas and coffee, and even handmade ice cream that is prepared using the authentic Arabic stirring method. 

Souk Al Marfa is open from midday to midnight, from Sunday to Thursday; 2pm to 2am on Friday, and 12pm to 2am on Saturday. History awaits. 

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