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The Useless Palace exhibition opens at Inloco Gallery

The new show draws inspiration from Sharjah’s desert.

If you thought art was only in galleries, think again. Inloco Gallery has opened a pop-up space in Al Khayat Avenue, Dubai, and also curated an exhibition in Sharjah’s desert. Here’s what to expect from the new gallery and its inaugural exhibition, The Useless Project.

Inloco Gallery prides itself on welcoming local and international cutting-edge artists, and showcasing contemporary street art. For its first exhibition, The Useless Palace, it invited ten international artists to draw inspiration from Sharjah’s Mleiha desert landscape. 

The Useless Palace

While visitors cannot visit the desert site, they can see the work on display at Inloco Pop-Up Gallery. For the site-specific exhibition, each artist was assigned a patch and turned it into their own workshop. The exhibition ranges from canvases to sculptures, which were produced for the desert. Plus, cinematographer Chromometrage is behind a documentary on the creative process. The film goes behind-the-scenes, and follows the journey from conceptualisation to creation.

The Useless Palace

Anastasia Kopijevksy, Inloco Gallery Director, explained: “We have witnessed Dubai’s art scene flourishing throughout the years. With Inloco Gallery heading to the city, we are committed to fostering artistic development among the art lovers of the UAE. The art world continues to evolve and adapt and we are dedicated to supporting and promoting street artists and their visions while challenging the conventional art forms.” 

The Useless Palace

Inloco Gallery is scheduled to open a permanent space in Al Khayat Avenue in the autumn of 2023. The Useless Palace exhibition runs until 30 March at Inloco Pop-Up Gallery. 

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