Bahrain and Qatar will soon be connected by a causeway

The project was put on hold over a decade ago.

With talks of a Schengen-like visa to be introduced to people wanting to visit the GCC, developments to make trips easier between the countries have already begun. That’s right. Bahrain and Qatar have decided to breathe new life into the long-awaited Bahrain-Qatar Causeway Project. This initiative aims to connect Qatar to the eastern coast of Bahrain, reducing travel time from five hours to just 30 minutes. 

The roots of the Bahrain-Qatar Causeway Project trace back to the early 2000s when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to launch the endeavour. This led to the formation of a joint institution responsible for managing, maintaining, and operating the causeway, as well as investing in its facilities. 

Bahrain-Qatar Causeway

Despite the promising start, the causeway project faced a major setback and was put on hold for the past decade. The initial four-year timeline for completion became an elusive goal, leaving the citizens of both nations in anticipation.

Fast forward to the present, the leaders of Bahrain and Qatar recently met and directed the concerned authorities to complete necessary plans for the immediate implementation of the Bahrain-Qatar Causeway. 

Bahrain-Qatar Causeway

It will span 40km with flyovers reaching 40 metres above sea level to allow uninterrupted ship crossings. The causeway will span 40km with flyovers reaching 40 meters above sea level to allow uninterrupted ship crossings. It’ll also have a dual two-lane highway accompanied by a rail platform with a total of four lanes. The completion of this colossal infrastructure project is estimated to take four years.

The revival of the causeway project is not just about reducing travel times but it also positively impacts the strong and historical ties between Bahrain and Qatar. With plans in motion and a shared vision for the future, the Bahrain-Qatar Causeway is poised to become a symbol of unity and progress in the Gulf region.

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