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Anne Hathaway joins Shiseido’s beauty empire

We bet this is a Miranda Priestly-approved collaboration.

In a thrilling announcement that has set the beauty and fashion world abuzz, Shiseido has unveiled the sensational Anne Hathaway as its global ambassador. 

The brand’s new Vital Perfection line is designed to restore youthful vitality and radiant health to the skin with an array of opulent creams, rejuvenating lotions, and transformative masks. And who better to epitomise the grace of age and the vibrancy of life than the incomparable Anne?

Shiseido, with its legacy of unwavering quality and integrity spanning generations, resonates with Anne’s own values. Speaking to Vogue, she shared: “I’m so honoured that they felt I was a fit.” 

Shiseido has managed to stay true to its roots while being the coolest kid on the block. And Anne loves how the brand mixes strength with subtlety – just like her own journey through Hollywood’s spotlight and her quieter moments of reflection.

The Hollywood star is also a walking example of Shiseido’s motto: age is just a number. With her elegance and confidence, she’s proving that every stage of life holds the promise of new beginnings, transformations, and opportunities. Just like how she continues to wow us with one great performance after another. After all, who doesn’t remember her in Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada?

Anne’s partnership with Shiseido’s Vital Perfection line has a completely different vibe. She brings her A-game with grace, wisdom and a dash of sparkle. We can’t wait to see what’s in store with this collaboration.

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