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Azza Fahmy’s new launch features a playful spin

The Wonders of Nature: Tales of Calligraphy collection personifies a conceptual approach.

Having reached iconic luxury jewellery brand status, Azza Fahmy Jewellery set out to add some youthful energy to the brand – and that’s where Wonders of Nature: Tales of Calligraphy comes in. The new launch fuses contemporary calligraphy with symbolic elements from nature, translating into an 11-piece collection. Head Designer Amina Ghali’s approach is a conceptual one, exploring different techniques, sentiments and stones to create designs that are playful while remaining true to the Azza Fahmy identity.

Azza Fahmy

Encapsulating the Egyptian label’s design innovation, the collection is forged from 18-karat gold and sterling silver, spelling out words such as ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘happiness’, and ‘joy’ to inspire vantages of optimism and endearment. Wonders of Nature: Tales of Calligraphy introduces two mismatched single earrings, depicting life forms in the shape of a snake and a hoopoe to symbolise healing, transformation and wisdom. Accompanied by floral motifs, a prevalent theme throughout, these pieces bloom with floral details to emphasise the youthfulness of this collection.

Azza Fahmy

The collection also encompasses striking necklaces, together showcasing the intricacy and originality of Azza Fahmy’s designs. Incidentally, its most diverse piece comes in the form of the Multi-Chain Blessings necklace. Exceptionally versatile, it features a chain that can be wrapped and layered to create a final look with endless possibilities. Stacking or alternating between our multiway necklace and the Love & Rebirth T-lock necklace result in a degree of elegance that appears to be as effortless as it is captivating.

Azza Fahmy

Amina Ghali fashions a state-of-the-art bangle through the Tales of Calligraphy bangle, a frameless 18-karat gold and sterling silver piece with a distinct shape that is a personification of the collection itself. This bangle feels both classic and avant-garde, paired with the same positive affirmations clear throughout the collection. With inscriptions at the forefront of this new collection, Azza Fahmy’s signature hand-piercing techniques create bold pieces with a playful aura. The collection culminates with a range of ring options that delicately emphasise the theme of nature along with its use of calligraphic practice. Wonders of Nature: Tales of Calligraphy takes previously used phrases and reimagines them to fit an abstract vision of love, peace and prosperity, resulting in an assemblage of artisanal pieces.

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