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Farfetch: Opens Doors

As we continue to stand alone together, Farfetch celebrates optimism, open-mindedness, and the joy of togetherness with its new Opens Doors campaign.

A new global campaign, a new site aesthetic, a new logo, a new monogram dubbed ‘The Farfetch Fuse’ – it’s all happening at luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch. And fronting all the excitement is a slew of faces from far and wide. We spotted Broadway playwright and actor Jeremy O. Harris, fashion model and muse Veronika Kunz, unapologetically outspoken producer-songwriter Kindness, iconic Chinese actress Angelababy, environmentalist Wilson Oryema, and fashion royalty Kesewa Aboah amongst others.

They star in the Opens Doors campaign, which was created with the help of visionary talent like British photographer and artist Harley Weir, Chinese photographer Leslie Zhang, Russian stylist Lotta Volkova, and French filmmaker Simon Cahn. The vibrant campaign aims to emphasise the importance of individual expression through these changing – and challenging – times. It celebrates the power to dream new dreams, to explore new worlds, and to open doors to endless possibilities. And as the talents showcased in the campaign explain, fashion opens doors to a world of everything ranging from “understanding” and “madness” to “crazy and beautiful minds”, “creativity”, and “possibilities”. 

“This campaign brings a sense of optimism and togetherness. In a world where perhaps we can’t physically be together right now, where we can’t travel to our favourite boutiques or shopping destinations, we wanted to express how we can bring the world of fashion to people everywhere now and in the future,” says Chief Brand Officer Holli Rogers. “Farfetch lives at the intersection of two worlds – fashion and technology. These worlds were already merging before the global pandemic, but the move to online is accelerating. Through this campaign, we bring our own highly distinctive global community together, opening doors to a network of like-minded souls: breaking boundaries, bypassing borders – opening doors to fashion and fashion lovers everywhere.” 

Before you peruse the veritable buffet of fashion on the new and improved Farfetch website, we think these colourful, elegantly idiosyncratic visuals are worthy of a closer look. As for the diversity across the campaign? About time.

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