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Fashion atelier OSCAR KRAYE debuts in Dubai

Say hello to Dubai’s latest high fashion brand. 

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, OSCAR KRAYE is an up-and-coming fashion designer who has just made his Dubai debut. 

From a young age, Oscar developed a keen eye for detail and a creative outlook on fashion, learning how to create the looks he was inspired by. Using his learned skills, Oscar would practice altering his clothes and those of his friends to make them more dynamic and intriguing. During this period, he realised his passion for becoming a fashion designer. 


During his first trip to Dubai, Oscar was praised for his ingenuity and unique fashion choices. This opened the door to becoming a model and stylist. After several years, he enrolled in the French Fashion Institute ESMOD Dubai, where he began sharpening his skills. With his inspirations ranging from fictional characters such as Morticia Addams, Cruella and Alvira Mistress of the Dark, Oscar has created his first collection for his fashion brand, OSCAR KRAYE.


The atelier utilises top-quality leather and fabrics, deploying avant-garde techniques to produce haute couture and ready-to-wear apparel. Showcasing an alternative approach to haute couture and prêt-à-Porter, OSCAR KRAYE debuted in Dubai with a two-collection fashion show at Leila Heller Gallery on Sunday, 12 June.


Ingenuity and boldness, a pursuit of unique materials and inventive methods of creation are at the heart of the OSCAR KRAYE brand. The atelier utilises top-quality leather and fabrics such as tulle, organza, satin, taffeta, and sequin in earthy tones. The collections represent an amalgamation of dichotomies – boisterous and enigmatic. Shadow and light. Masculine and feminine – and compromise of 38 looks. The pieces include dresses, skirts, shorts, blazers, corsets, leather jackets.


“OSCAR KRAYE was created out of my fascination with high-end fashion and storytelling. Every collection I create is an elaborate form of self-expression, instead of words, my medium is shapes, materials, and technique. “– Oscar Kraye. 

OSCAR KRAYE pushes past the boundaries of society and traditions to construct garments that reflect an inordinate worldview.

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