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Extreme personalisation is the latest in luxury – here’s proof

Italian label Filiberto Nerone has introduced bespoke eyewear to the UAE.

If Gucci DIY, Nike HyperAdapt 2.0, and even the shampoos and conditioners by Function of Beauty have taught us one thing, it’s that personalisation is here to stay – especially as mass consumption and overexposure on social media leaves us craving a little extra. Naturally, you can leave it to luxury Italian label Filiberto Nerone to tailor make something we sport every single day: eyewear.

Filiberto Nerone

With over 15 years’ experience of creating uniquely bespoke and high-end eyewear jewellery, Filiberto Nerone has now introduced luxury tailored made eyewear to the UAE, while offering the unique experience of perfect fitting with extreme personalisation – from a digital 3D face scan app to the selection of precious gemstones and materials – thereby creating the one and only eyewear built from each customer’s desire and imagination.

Considering every piece of eyewear is designed specifically to meet the needs of their clients, the team at Filiberto Nerone handcrafts each of their designs in Italy, utilising a team of expert craftsmen boasting a lifetime of experience in creating exquisite eyewear and eyewear jewellery. Incidentally, the brand’s existing range of stunning eyewear is also available. 

Filiberto Nerone

Filiberto Nerone, Eyewear Couturier and Founder, commented: “We’re thrilled to be expanding our reach into the UAE market, where clients are seeking the very best in luxury refinement. Our designs incorporate 18k gold, platinum, diamond powder, and a variety of precious stones to ensure that each piece is entirely unique and reflects the luxurious nature of our work.”

He continued, saying, “Many other luxury jewellery brands offer bespoke client-centric designs, but we’re proud to offer not only the very best of detailed craftsmanship, but also the latest in 3D facial scanning technology to ensure the perfect fit for every client.” 

Filiberto Nerone
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The brand currently offers two distinct ranges, each sporting the very highest quality and latest in contemporary designs. The customisable ready-to-wear range currently includes 20 selectable designs, whilst the tailor-made range is able to meet each client’s imagination using gold, platinum, diamond. and precious stones.

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