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Go metallic, or go home: The Malone Souliers and Dima Ayad collab

Dashing colours and luxury fabrics, Malone Souliers and Dima Ayad launch their exclusive collaboration with Level Shoes District.

Suppose you walk past Level Shoes District and clap your eyes on London luxury footwear brand Malone Souliers and Dubai-based fashion label Dima Ayad’s latest collection. In that case, you may very well venture inside for a peek, which may very well lead to a purchase. 

Exclusive to Level Shoes District, this shoe collection comprises a plethora of striking colours; bold emerald greens, glittering gold, rainbow metallic and the ultimate nude shade. The six designs feature materials such as mirrored leather, satin, linen, and mesh that are used on the signature Malone Souliers designs, including house favourites Maureen, Norah, Perla and Frankie. 

Malone Souliers Dima Ayad

Founder and Creative Director of Malone Souliers, Mary Alice Malone says: “I have always been inspired by the sophistication of Dima’s aesthetic. The colours, materials and textures that she uses for her creations are something I wanted to translate into our collaboration”. 

Founder of namesake label Dima Ayad adds: “This collaboration is a dream come true. I have always admired the Malone Souliers brand and the timeless elegance of its designs. There is so much synergy between us in terms of staying true to our aesthetic, which translated into a natural partnership.”

Malone Souliers Dima Ayad

Go metallic, or go home. This collection will brighten any outfit. It screams fun, confident and stylish – well suited for the woman parading around town. The key pieces are fashionable and timeless staples, such as the Norah flat mule, which comes in two styles of rainbow metallic leather, and nude linen with gold straps. Pleated metallic green fabric features on the Norah mules, while the Frankie mules present dusty pleated satin pink with rose gold straps. The Maureen mules come in rainbow metallic leather, and the timeless Perla mules come in black with shimmering sparkles.

Malone Souliers Dima Ayad

Pleats are prevalent in Ayad’s collection and translate into the shoes, as does the notion that a bit of sparkle goes a long way, making the entire collection versatile to shimmer day or night.

The Malone Souliers and Dima Ayad collaboration launched during the holy month of Ramadan.

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