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Pharrell Williams will showcase his first-ever Louis Vuitton collection in Paris

The show will open Men’s Paris Fashion Week on 20 June.

Who can forget one of the red carpet’s best-ever fashion moments? Pharrell Williams’ Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat at the Grammy Awards was meme-worthy and lives on in the minds of fashionistas. So, excitement is building around his first-ever Louis Vuitton collection, which will go on open Men’s Paris Fashion Week on 20 June.

We are expecting the new Louis Vuitton collection to combine the brand’s history with Pharrell’s modern flair. To celebrate his new role, the brand released a selection of items and merchandise for his Something in the Water Festival. The fashion house erected a pyramid-shaped store at the event. Plus, the clothing ranged from patterned shirts with the LV logo to hoodies. 

After Virgil Abloh unexpectedly passed away in 2021, Pharrell took over the role of Louis Vuitton men’s creative director. Virgil was the first black artistic director for the brand, and is credited with opening it up to a young demographic. 

Pharrell’s appointment came as a shock to the fashion industry. He is best known as a producer and rapper in the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. Over his career, he has won 13 Grammy Awards and has hit songs ranging from Beautiful to Frontin’. Plus, he received an Oscar nomination for Happy, which was from the soundtrack to Despicable Me 2

Pharrell does have some incredible fashion and beauty credentials up his sleeve. He co-founded the streetwear label, Billionaire Boys Club. He worked with brands including adidas, Chanel and Tiffany & Co. He even worked with Louis Vuitton’s designer Marc Jacobs, and created an eyewear line. Plus, he launched the skincare line, Humanrace. 

Pharrell, we’re excited.

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