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Saudi Arabian beauty brand Asteri launches across the GCC

The make-up line celebrates the strength of Arab women.

Asteri, a new Saudi Arabian beauty brand, has launched. Created by the entrepreneur, Sara Al Rashed, it aims to celebrate self-expression through make-up and the strength of Arab Women. So, if you want to support local, here’s what you need to know.

The make-up line prides itself on using high-quality products, densely pigmented formulas, and – for when you’re on a safari – desert-proof make-up. The collection includes products for the eyes, lips and skin. The products are beautifully designed, from the Arabian Sun Bronzer in a gold case to the Legacy Lip Balm in an emerald holder.

The line has been launched with a focus on sustainability and the environment. The formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and made using clean ingredients. Plus, the name means star or starry one in Greek, and is the name of Titans Coeus’ daughter.

The brand launched in style at JAX District, Riyadh. The event welcomed 300 guests and was hosted by the founder, Sara Al Rashed. The opening was attended by influencers, industry professionals and beauty enthusiasts. The guests included fashion blogger Deema Al Asadi, architect Fatima Almomen, Lebanese influencer Nathalie Fanj, entrepreneur Nojoud Al Rumaihi, TV host Nada Baeshen and Finnish YouTuber Yusur AlKhalidi.

Al Rashed explained: “I realised that there wasn’t a brand that represented the modern Arab woman who doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypes. Asteri is inspired by strong Arab women, who are always pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars. Asteri is breaking stereotypes of what it means to be Saudi Arabian, and paving the way for A-beauty.”

Asteri is available online and ships across the GCC.

GO: Visit for more information.

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