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Discover Saudi Arabian make-up artist Waad Altarki and Sephora’s collaboration

Sephora Collection X Waad Alturki 2.0 has dropped – and here are the highlights.

If you love beauty, then we have some exciting news. Saudi Arabian make-up artist Waad Alturki has teamed up with the beauty brand Sephora. The Sephora Collection X Waad Alturk 2.0 has dropped and it includes exciting products. 

Sephora Collection X Waad Alturki 2.0 has been driven by Waad’s love of beauty and make-up. Drawing inspiration from the universe and stars, the line includes a curated range of shades that are designed to work on all skin tones. Plus, the item’s packages boast light, soft colours ranging from pink to white. 

Sephora Collection X Waad Alturk 2.0’s Eye Palette includes 10 eyeshadow shades, four face powders, two shades of blush, one buildable bronzer, and one highlighter. The three lip sets include Twilight, Sunset and Stardust, which cover a cream lip stain, lip stain liner and plump gloss. The Eye Set includes a mascara and eyeliner. The online-only items include the Eye and Face Palette, Size Up Mascara, Star Dust Lip Set, Sunset Lip Set, and Twilight Lip Set. 

Waad Alturki is based in Riyadh – she has more than 2.9 million followers on Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of likes on posts. She has a loyal following and often creates make-up transformations. She has used make-up to recreate iconic looks, from Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin

Sephora was first launched in 1970 in Paris, France. As part of the shop’s signature service, customers are able to test the products. Today, there are stores around and 44 across Saudi Arabia and UAE. 

Sephora Collection X Waad Alturk 2.0 is available in store and online. 

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