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Step into a digital fashion show at The Theatre of Digital Art

AI and fashion combine to create a cool experience.

The Theatre of Digital Art is strutting its stuff with a state-of-the-art digital fashion show. We’re talking about an artificial intelligence-driven event, which looks at the future of the fashion industry. The Theatre of Digital Art’s Digital Fashion Show runs from 27 November to 30 December, and aims to question how consumers will shop and dress in the future.

The Theatre of Digital Art’s Digital Fashion Show has collaborated with 22 digital artists to create a multi-sensorial experience. Whether it’s through online retail or virtual changing rooms, this looks at how technology shapes our shopping experience. Plus, the regular runway has been given an upgrade, as it blends the traditional catwalk with ground-breaking technology. 

Daria Proaevich, Managing Director of TODA, explains: “We are beyond pleased to partner with Max Goshko-Dankov, the creative head behind this project to demonstrate the future of fashion in combination with AI and explore themes of surrealism, expressionism and virtual consciousness. We are honoured to have invited 22 digital artists from around the world, each with a unique vision, to share their perspectives on fashion and the infinite potential that AI offers the world.”

Theatre of Digital Art

Max Goshko-Dankov is a Russian digital artist. He was born in Smolensk, Russia, and has exhibited work across the world in Beijing, Berlin, Istanbul and Dubai. 

The other artists include Jon Sanchez, also known as Slam Things; Karen ArtYan, who has worked with Off-White, Supreme and Louis Vuitton; Robert Quach, who is best known for his trainer designers; Nikita Replyanski, who creates human-meet-alien figures; and Max Arnautov, who has collaborated with the likes of Balenciaga and Yeezy. 

The Theatre of Digital Art is best known for its immersive exhibitions. Current exhibitions include The Little Prince: Story of a Friendship, which is based on the classic children’s story. The experience brings the tale to life with a live hologram performance. 

Tickets to The Theatre of Digital Art’s Digital Fashion Show start from AED 65. 

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