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Say hello to the UAE’s latest homegrown men’s fashion brand.

The Victor Closet is a male fashion brand that utilises unconventional and daring designs for the bold and confident man—founded by three creative and savvy business partners from the fashion, finance, and legal sectors. The trio joined forces to launch a homegrown brand of avant-garde streetwear.

The e-commerce fashion brand is now open for business to bring accessible men’s apparel from the streets of the UAE to the world. After a successful pre-launch in late April 2020, the Dubai-based fashion brand is excited to announce the complete release of their must-see first collection.

Inspiration for this new collection comes from the realisation that there was a need to adapt avant-garde attire into more of an everyday setting and for garments that can be worn on the street. 

The vibrant collection consists of lightweight coats, unique blazers, creative shirts and t-shirts. Each garment has been thoughtfully designed by the founders, ensuring the use of high-quality and exceptional fabrics. 

An exciting addition to this first collection is the brand’s ‘Victor ONLY’ line which consists of one-of-a-kind pieces of which only one will be made – so once it’s gone it’s gone!

Martin Almasri, Creative Director and Co-Owner, told FACT “we don’t make clothes, we make identities. The Victor Closet wishes to be a staple in all men’s after work wardrobe across the UAE and GCC.”

The Victor Closet goal is to transform every man into an outward-thinking style connoisseur. Each piece of attire can be viewed as a statement, as much as a stylistic choice, with each garment tailored using materials of the highest quality. From intricate stitching to unique designs, no detail has been missed.

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