Bohemian Beach Vibes at Shala

Located on the shores of Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, Shala Beach Lounge is set to be the new haven for understated luxury on the magical Saadiyat Island.

Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘home’, Shala was inspired by the need of bringing together a celebration of bohemia at its soul and mind. The first of its kind in the region, Shala is set to become the quintessential hotspot for those free spirits that enjoy the good life. “We wanted to introduce a new concept in the region – one that stands out – in cuisine, views and most importantly in ethos and values,” says Anna Manzoni, Manager of Shala. She continues, “Shala is one of the first beach lounges in the region that takes a holistic approach to lifestyle and comfort by embodying nature-inspired philosophy with environmental mindfulness and an honest cuisine. Our team guides you through a spiritual initiation to Shala. Let them carry you to a level of peace that allows you to let go of all the stress of the big city life.”

The picture-perfect beach lounge with an islandic vibe overlooks the magnificent views of the most pristine shores of Saadiyat. The interiors are transcended with sensations enveloped in the aesthetics of contemporary luxury and inspired by a play on feathers and the elements of nature. A symbol with deep spiritual realms in flight and freedom, Shala serves as an escape to guests from all walks of life especially the creatives.

The rich design aesthetics of Shala marry the four elements of nature – fire, water, air and earth into one barefoot haven. In the idyllic setting, the beachfront rooftop space features a long bar, a fire pit, and cosy furniture made out of natural wood complimented with white fabrics. A balanced mix of luxury and relaxed ambience that conveys quality and comfort for up to forty seated guests.

Lounge and sip on soulful cocktails and the flavourful menu as you bask in the panoramic view of the sparkling sea and sun-kissed Arabian sands. Shala Beach Lounge offers something different with its diverse cuisine that is thoughtfully curated, designed for sharing with family and friends.

At Shala, food is at the centre of connections. While indulging the taste buds with hearty, modern flavours, the menu is influenced by the “farm to table” approach with locally sourced produce.

The culinary experts at Shala have incorporated ingredients from the Middle Eastern culture, fused to create a dining atmosphere that encourages minimal use of cutlery. Ecological ethics is also at the centre of their work as they honour the taste of the food by minimizing food processing.

Getting away from the hassles, the flash and the fuss, Shala’s laidback and unpretentious ambience is coupled with the DJ’s Balearic beats and live percussions. Whether its basking in the sunlight or dancing by the sea, at Shala there is a place to rest and play beneath the blazing sun and the shimmering stars.

Shala Beach Lounge, an uncompromisingly gorgeous hideaway, is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and full of spirituality, celebration and joy. Lose your way to find yourself – at home in Shala. ✤


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