Dubai, February 01, 2020 by Shabana Adam

Long’s Bar at Towers Rotana has been around since the beginning of Dubai’s skyscrapers – at least, it would seem that way for the reputation it has garnered. Taking a more focused approach to its menu, the food offerings are heartier and tastier than ever before. FACT’s Shabana Adam settles in for a leisurely lunch…

Long’s Bar at Towers Rotana has been around since the beginning of Dubai’s skyscrapers – at least, it would seem that way for the reputation it has garnered. A British pub-cum-bar, the venue’s appeal lies in its reliability. Split into various sections, there’s restaurant seating, an actual spherical “long bar” which takes pride of place in the centre, and more casual gathering areas too. A DJ and dance floor as well as a stage where live music is played add a sense of boisterousness to Long’s Bar.

For a place where crowds have been flocking to for after-work drinks, match day viewings and a general lively time, Long’s Bar is also home to classic, comfort pick-me-ups and a surprisingly varied menu of bar food, hearty selections and even healthier options. With a revamped menu offering, the gastronomic team at Long’s Bar is honing in on what the restaurant does best and, more importantly – what its loyal patrons love. However, with the aim of keeping things exciting and appealing to a new generation of foodies, the restaurant has amped up its culinary flair.

The Rocca Salad is as fresh and tasty as salads that we’ve ordered at fancy five-star establishments – if not, better. Bathed in a tantalising pomegranate dressing, the simple, vibrant concoction of Rocca leaves, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot and sumac is entirely refreshing. As far as British food goes, the Shepherd’s Pie is a savoury classic. Here, it’s the dish of the day for us. A generous portion of ground lamb with peas and carrot in a delicious gravy, layered with piped and beautifully-browned mashed potato. It sends us into a joyful silence. If there was to be a perfect Shepherd’s Pie in Dubai, it would be this one.

Would it be a British pub without the king of all dishes? Of course, we’re talking about fish and chips. The batter is crispy and the fish soft and tender. We mop up the plate, freely dipping our chunky chips in a yummy side of curry sauce and mushy peas.

Currently, the venue is offering up a worldly menu of street food classics; from the most lip-licking Indian Vada Pav, to the crunchy-coated New York Corn Dog, and the Turkish staple Lamb Kebab wrap – the servings resemble that of food truck portions, designed to let you taste a little bit of everything and illustrating the inclusiveness and creativity at Long’s Bar. Desserts are, simply, utterly delectable. The Blackberry and Apple Crumble topped with yogurt and cinnamon is like a warm hug on a cold Sunday afternoon, whilst the Baked Cheesecake with salted caramel sauce is a dish that we would go back for time and again – you might not want to share that last one – it’s SO GOOD

It’s worth noting that Long’s Bar has a premium meat menu where Cumberland Sausages and the like are the real deal. Not to mention, a variety of burgers, steaks, fish, and more, all add to the wholesome selection of food. When we say that there’s something for everyone, we really mean it. Service is fast and accommodating, food portions are large and filling, and the atmosphere at Long’s Bar is an unpretentious one. Plus, this place is not just reserved for a “laddish” crowd – everyone is welcome. Attractive prices and consistency means that every time you walk into Long’s Bar, you can leave your worries and your woes at the door, knowing that it’s all about good vibes only in a venue that is truly a bona fide Dubai institution. ✤




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