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Homegrown coffee retailer BeanBurds looks to help UAE residents enjoy their perfect cup of coffee with help from a virtual barista.

We all love our morning coffee and for some of us, it’s the only way to kick-start the day! Understandably, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and with curfews in place you may not yet be ready to venture out of the house for your daily caffeine fix.

BeanBurds have come to the rescue with the launch of a new digital platform that guarantees users a customised journey to find the perfect cup of joe. The homegrown concept promises freshly roasted, premium-quality coffee beans from the finest roasters throughout the country to provide coffee aficionados with an easy one-stop-shop to discover and purchase premium, quality roasted and ground coffee beans.

A virtual barista is on hand to help match customers with coffee beans through a series of fun and interactive questions that take little over a minute to answer. Based upon the unique responses, a list of recommended products is offered for purchase and from there, users can customise their coffee cart by filtering through coffee origins, roast levels, flavor notes, preferred roasters and price point. Delivery can then be expected within two to three days.

BeanBurds has partnered with several roasters across the UAE such as Coffee Planet, Emirati Coffee Roastery and Nightjar Coffee Roaster, to not only support local but to ensure the character and quality of the product.

Talking about the launch of the platform Salem Ahmed, Founder and CEO of BeanBurds said: “Through research and years of trying coffee from around the world, I discovered that coffee is similar to food. Its final taste relies heavily on the source of the coffee bean and it’s cook. Our goal is to find premium high – quality coffee beans by the best roasters in the region and enable customers to purchase them with just the click of a button from the comfort of their homes.”

Offering a seamless customer journey and great freshness in every cup, BeanBurds intends to educate UAE residents on the complexities of coffee as well as provide tips and tricks for brewing the perfect cup.

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