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A luxe wellness retreat will debut this week

ZOYA Health Resort is located in Ajman’s Al Zorah community.

While wellness talks, workshops, pop-ups, day retreats and other events have long catered to the country’s health-conscious community, the absence of a full-fledged wellness facility has been palpable – until now. ZOYA Health Resort, the first-of-its-kind wellness retreat in the region, is set to open on 22 April, bringing with it a wide range of bespoke programmes designed to help people lead healthier lifestyles.

Situated within a prime location in Ajman – the Al Zorah community – the five-star retreat boasts striking views of Al Zorah Golf Club and thick, natural mangroves. The 61-room facility is owned and founded by Saudi entrepreneur Ameer Said, who is committed to providing holistic and unique medical approaches to mind and body rejuvenation through tailored programmes and treatments.

ZOYA Health Resort

“ZOYA Wellbeing was born out of a determination to address the ailments of the modern world, to be preventative rather than curative, to help our guests lead healthier lifestyles without the need for medication and assistance, to create a special space that protects, nourishes and invigorates mind, body and soul,” he said. “Our methods are integrative and holistic, with a range of treatments coming together to create customised well-being journeys. Detoxing and therapeutic fasting is central to what we offer, combined with physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, and the right nutrition to boost vitality.”

With the guidance and expertise of medical and health professionals, each programme is customised to the specific needs and lifestyle of every guest with the venue’s experienced doctors, wellness specialists and nutritionists conducting a full assessment before creating a personalised agenda. This assessment includes the consultation of a doctor, who will perform a series of diagnostic tests as well as a wellness consultation and a nutrition plan – all of which will be created for the individual to ensure the best possible results can be achieved during the guest’s stay as well as equip them with the knowledge and best practices to lead a healthy lifestyle after leaving the retreat.

ZOYA Health Resort

Guests can choose from nine retreat programmes: Wellcation, Immune Support, Detox, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Liver Support, Rejuvenation, Get Fit, and Anti-Aging. These tailored programmes, which combine multiple treatments into a holistic integrative journey, vary from three to 14 nights with access to the state-of-the-art and advanced facilities across the resort as well as a selection of leisure activities. ZOYA Health Resort will also offer a variety of well-being treatments that focuses on the organisation’s three main pillars: Prevention and Rehabilitation, Fitness and Recreation, and Pampering.

As for accommodation? Guests will be able to choose from superior, deluxe and premium room options as well as the Royal Suite (which includes an in-room sauna and steam facilities, as well as a private Turkish hammam). Elsewhere, a spa, a swimming pool, a gym, an outdoor relaxation area, a specialised kitchen based on the philosophy of clean food, a clinic as well as multiple treatment and meeting rooms will cater to guests’ needs, regardless of where they’re staying. Said concluded, “All of our programmes are delivered to provide our guests with the ultimate peace of mind during their stay. All of the rooms feature stunning views of the natural preserved mangrove lake and golf course, which will help to make their visit even more memorable as they embark on a journey of rest, relaxation and better health.”

ZOYA Health Resort

ZOYA Health Resort will be operated by Premedion, a spa consultancy and management company founded in Germany in 2005 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Seereederei GmbH. Having managed high-end spas and health centres worldwide – Egypt, Oman, Qatar and China included – Premedion will be working in partnership with Said and his team.

GO: Visit or call 06 557 6555 for more information.

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