Go glamping at JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins in Hatta

From pet-friendly to peak views, here’s what to expect from the Hajar Mountain cabins.

For the people who say that the UAE lacks nature, we present to you Hatta. The mountainous natural beauty has always been great for an adventurous day (or stay). Now, it is about to get more exciting, thanks to the new glamping experience, JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabin.

JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins let you enjoy the outdoors in style. Located in the Hajar Mountains, the chalet-style cabins boast peak views and plenty of light, which is great for the gram. If you want to stay in the mountains, but crave hotel-like amenities, do not fear. The cabin includes a rain shower, mini bar, on-demand multimedia projector and wardrobe.

JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins

The accommodation options include regular cabins, which accommodate up to four guests, and deluxe cabins, which accommodate up to six people. Plus, there are pet-friendly cabins, which are located near walking trails.

JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins have been created out of pine wood, and aim to blend in with the environment. The project has also been created with sustainability in mind, and will later include solar panels.

Guests will also have access to the nearby JA Hatta Fort Hotel, from its restaurants to recreational activities – we’d recommend a round of archery. Plus, activities in Hatta include biking hiking and kayaking.

Deborah Thomson, General Manager at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, explained: “As we looked at opportunities for growth, we equally weighed the project’s impact on sustainability – which is why the Terra Cabins at JA Hatta Fort Hotel were completed with a minimal carbon footprint and sustainable future in mind. We are extremely proud of our momentum and continued commitment to follow an environmental movement that strongly aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ vision for 2023, ‘The Year of Sustainability’.”

The opening comes after Hatta recently rebranded itself as The Highlands of Dubai, which highlights how the scenic landscape can be enjoyed during the cooler weather. Adventure awaits. 

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