Chef Izu Ani is Audi Middle East’s new regional ambassador

Culinary excellence blends with automotive innovation with this sensational collaboration.

Audi Middle East is revving up the luxury market and joining forces with a big name. In an exciting move, the automotive giant has announced its partnership with one of the UAE’s favourite culinary talents, Chef Izu Ani

This collaboration between Audi Middle East and Chef Izu marks a pivotal moment in the culinary and automotive landscapes of the region. It becomes even more special as Chef Izu is not only an adrenaline junkie but has also been a loyal Audi customer.

Izu Ani Audi

“When passion and progress collide, at the intersection of inspiration and passionate creativity, magic happens,” shared Chef Izu on hopping on board as the brand ambassador of Audi Middle East. “Having admired Audi for many years and being a proud owner of the Audi R8, I am honoured to join forces with Audi to inspire audiences across the Middle East.”

Izu Ani Audi

Managing Director of Audi Middle East, Rene Koneberg, too weighed in on bringing Chef Izu in for the collaboration. “Chef Izu’s innovative culinary vision and his overall commitment to progress perfectly align with Audi’s ethos of pushing boundaries and inspiring others,” he said. “This partnership represents a fusion of passion, creativity, and a shared dedication to excellence.”

Izu Ani Audi

For those unversed in the world of Chef Izu, he’s a household name in the UAE. He honed his culinary craft, working at some of the most prestigious kitchens around the world. And now, he runs a culinary empire. With establishments like Gaia, Kai Enzo, La Maison Ani, Izu Burger, and Maison de la Plage under his belt, Chef Izu has left an incredible mark on the UAE’s culinary landscape.

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