25 Arab artists unite for Palestinian resistance anthem 

The revenue from Rajieen will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Music has often been a force for good during times of crisis. Following the Israel and Gaza war, artists from the Middle East and North Africa have come together to create a song to support Palestine. Rajieen features different artists from across the region, and the line-up includes Afroto, Issam Alnajjar and Marwan Pablo. 

Rajieen in Arabic translates to “returning”. Released by United States record label Empire, it is an eight-minute track. The video features the artists dressed in black singing and rapping, and was shot in Olive Wood Studios in Amman, Jordan. The video shows images of the war in Gaza, and old as well as new images of Palestinians. After two days, the video has received 330,000 views on YouTube. 

The artists on Rajieen also include Akhras, ALA, AlYung, Amir Eid, Balti, Bataineh, Dana Salah, Dina Wideidi, Donia Wael, Fuad Gritli, Ghalia Chaker, Issam AlNajjar, Marwan Moussa, Nordo, Omar Rammal, Randar, Saif Safadi, Saif Shroof, Small X, Vortex, Wessam Qutub and Zeyne. 

The money raised by Rajieen will be donated to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The charity was founded in 1991, and aims to create a world where all children in the Middle East have access to quality medical care. With the proceeds, the charity will provide humanitarian care for Gaza, which includes medical relief and humanitarian aid where it is needed most. The charity estimates that more than one million children are in need of aid in Gaza. 

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