Cohabiting in Dubai: Residents must declare co-occupants

Residents have two weeks to register cohabitants online.

Are you cohabiting in Dubai? Dubai Land Department has announced new rules for residents, which affects people who are cohabiting in Dubai. As part of the announcement, it is now compulsory for residents to declare if they are cohabiting in private, shared apartments and villas. 

Dubai Land Department issued a circular to homeowners, tenants, developers and property management companies to register co-occupants. The statement declared that occupants must be completed within a “maximum of two weeks with immediate effect”. The notification was made on 23 September, and registrations must be completed by 7 October.  

The new requirements follow recent changes in the rules on cohabiting in Dubai. The UAE government updated its laws, and unrelated flatmates as well as unmarried couples can now live together. 

Registrations can be made on Dubai’s REST app, which can be downloaded on Apple and Google Play. The eight-step process includes registering on the app; choosing your role as an individual; authenticating your identity with the UAE Pass; selecting your property; managing co-occupants; selecting add more to add co-occupants; entering and verifying the Emirates ID and date of birth of the co-occupants; and adding all family members who live in the property.

Co-occupants must share information including their address, Emirates ID, passport number and date of birth. If you do not have the UAE Pass, you can register with your Emirates ID or residence visa number. Plus, all Dubai residents can then add their co-occupants against the Ejari contract. 

If you find multiple profiles against your Emirates ID, email If you miss the deadline, Dubai Land Department have not stated if there are fines. For the latest information, check in with FACT. 

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