The revamped Dubai Creek Tower aims to reach new heights

The redesign could send this new marvel soaring above the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai’s already iconic skyline is about to undergo a jaw-dropping transformation. The Dubai Creek Tower is getting a makeover, and it’s not just a fresh coat of paint. The architectural marvel is being redesigned to be even taller than the world-famous Burj Khalifa.

After a rather interesting competition that drew entries from architectural luminaries around the globe, the Dubai Creek Tower is now in the throes of its redesign phase. Emaar Properties, the mastermind behind this development, is collaborating hand-in-hand with the chosen international maestros to create a fresh vision that will leave everyone awestruck.

Construction for the initial design of Dubai Creek Tower began in 2016 with an expected completion in 2025. However, because of the pandemic, all work on-site was indefinitely stopped in 2020. And now with plans for a restructuring, things are getting into gear once again. So when can we expect to see this wonder start to rise from the desert sands? According to WAM, construction for this redesign will kick off next year. 

And that’s not all that Emaar Properties is up to. It’s on a tower-ific mission to roll out 45 towers, boasting 15,000 apartments in the year 2023 alone. In the next 20 years, the development aims to soar the skies with more skyscrapers so expect a skyline upgrade every now and then.

The Dubai Creek Tower’s redesign promises a future where architectural boundaries are shattered, and the skyline is forever transformed. As we eagerly await the first shovel in the sand, we can rest assured this new-and-improved addition will once again catapult the city into the record books, leaving the world in a state of awe. Get ready to crane your necks skyward because Dubai is about to soar to new heights – once again.

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