Dubai’s Hatta sign breaks a Guinness World Record

At 19.28 meters, it stands taller than the iconic Hollywood sign.

Dubai’s Hatta Sign just smashed its way into the Guinness World Records book. Perched atop the majestic Hajar Mountains, the ‘Tallest Landmark Sign’ in the world — a towering 19.28-meter structure — has swiftly become a symbol of Hatta and its status as one of the UAE’s most picturesque regions.

To put this achievement into perspective, the Hatta Sign surpasses the famed Hollywood sign, which stands at 13.7 metres. Like its American counterpart, this sign also lights up the night sky, adding to its allure.

Now this Guinness World Records title isn’t just about numbers. It promises to cast a global spotlight on the Hatta region, turning it from a hidden treasure into an international attraction that brings travellers from all across the world. This also means more jobs and nurturing of local businesses that will give a well-deserved boost to Hatta’s sustainable development.

In addition to the record-breaking sign, Hatta Resorts is preparing for its sixth season, offering visitors a unique backdrop to capturing unforgettable memories. And if you’re into hiking, here’s your cue because they’re cheering you on to make that climb up to the sign for an Insta-worthy view.

Hatta sign

Hatta also offers an array of thrilling adventures at the Hatta Resorts Wadi Hub, the central hub for outdoor activities. From ziplining to mountain biking, rock climbing, zorbing, archery, and even axe-throwing, there’s no shortage of excitement. 

And with the weather cooling down soon, you can expect a variety of unique glamping experiences that seamlessly blend nature and culture. Take your pick from cool trailers, cosy lodges, funky domes, or adventurous caravans – all while you soak up the beauty of nature and kick back with some modern comforts.

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