Who are the UAE’s royal newlyweds Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana?

Everything you need to know about the glamorous young couple. 

We love a royal wedding at FACT. So, we were excited to hear about the latest royal wedding in the UAE between Dubai’s Sheikha Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum. So, courtesies at the ready, here’s what you need to know about the power couple. 

The wedding took place in April 2023, and was confirmed by Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana. The pair shared an Instagram story, which included a poem written by Sheikh Mana’s father. 

The poem read: “There were joys on God’s Day, books were written and congratulations were exchanged from every home. Everyone is blessed with joy, and our night is as bright as day from the good news on the day of ‘Mana.’ From the daughters of the wind and along the fringe is a ‘Mahra’ in which there is fondness and estrangement.”

Sheikha Mahra

Sheikha Mahra was born in 1994. Sheikh Mahra’s parents are Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai, and Zoe Grigorakos. 

She recently studied International Relations at a university in London, and posted photos of herself on Instagram at her graduation. She was accompanied by her mother, Zoe Grigorakos. 

Sheikha Mahra has been snapped around Dubai. In 2022, she attended the Dubai World Cup and The Middle East Watches and Jewellery Exhibition. She has been spotted at the Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards. Plus, she is passionate about philanthropic and social issues. 

Sheikha Mahra has a love of animals. On her Instagram account, she often posts pictures with camels, falcons and horses. She has more than 182,000 followers on Instagram. 

Sheikh Mana 

Sheikh Mana was born in 1989. Sheikh Mana’s parents are Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum, and Sheikha Madiyah Bint Ahmed Bin Juma Al Maktoum. He served in the UAE Armed Forces National Service. He studied Security and Risk Management at the American University in the Emirates. 

He has multiple business ventures, which include AlBarada Trading, Dubai Tech, GCI Real Estate Development company and MM Group of Companies. Plus, he has created commercial partnerships with tennis player Novak Djokovic and football player Arturo Vidal. 

Sheikh Mana has a love of sports and horses. On his Instagram account, he has shared photos of skiing at the Courchevel, Rhone-Alpes in France and fishing in a boat. He has more than 51,000 followers on Instagram. 

Congratulations, Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana.

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