Nightlife Review: WHITE Dubai

An elevated dinner and a show experience overlooking the Dubai skyline.

With the global pandemic putting Dubai’s nightlife scene into a tailspin, it has been interesting to see how venues have adapted in recent months. Initially, we saw dance floors replaced with dining tables as Dubai’s night owls traded dancing for gourmet cuisine backed by a pumping soundtrack. Then with the return of live entertainment, we saw a resurgence in ‘dinner and a show‘ concepts, where late nights dining is now accompanied by acrobatics, aerial performances and immaculately choreographed dance numbers. 

As a prominent fixture on Dubai’s nightlife scene since opening in 2013, WHITE Dubai takes precedence in a haven for nocturnal revelry. Situated high above the grandstand of the Meydan Racecourse and offering picturesque views of Dubai’s glittering skyline, this Beirut import provides far more than meets the eye.


WHITE has always been regarded as a place to see and be seen, and it’s evident why. The large rooftop venue splays out across tiered seating arrangements dictated by minimum spends. Here beneath a lighting and pyrotechnic rig that resembles a lotus flower in bloom, we take a seat for an immersive evening that offers singing, dancing and then some. 

To accompany the exciting performances, WHITE Dubai has a new dinner menu to promote the venue’s transformation from a nightclub into an upscale lounge. Whether it’s sipping on cocktails where the glass is crafted from a block of ice or nibbling on a selection of sushi and gyoza, WHITE takes everything you love about dining in Dubai and combines it into one crowd-pleasing menu. 


WHITE sets out to impress guests through an eclectic food and beverage offering that includes a moreish crispy chicken (AED 95) with dynamite and sweet chilli sauce that boasts a fiery kick that we genuinely appreciated. Elsewhere, creamy burrata (AED 135) is perfectly plated with beef tomato, pesto and decadent balsamic pearls. Speaking of decadence, the Wagyu beef gyoza (AED 95), generously stuffed with foie gras, offers a rich and robust dish that we would happily order again. 


While we didn’t favour the rather bland spinach pie (AED 80), it was one misstep in an otherwise strong selection of dishes. Generous cuts of Wagyu beef tenderloin (AED 350) and wild seam bream (AED 350) round out the main courses, or you can go all-out and indulge in 2.5kg of salt-crusted sea bass (AED 1,100) or grade 8-9 Wagyu tomahawk (AED 1,250). The beauty of dining at WHITE is that you can be as boujee or restrained as you would like, with dishes to please every price point. 

As we watch a lone male dancer spinning precariously upon a metal ring suspended above our heads, we applaud WHITE for placing a firm focus on acrobatics, costumes and wirework. The bold stance pays off and elevates this particular dinner and a show offering above the sub-par singing and dancing witnessed at so many other imitators throughout the city.


The two-hour show begins at 10pm and involves impressive wirework where dancers spin from their hair and choreographed dance numbers showcase stories of female empowerment. As the clock strikes midnight, WHITE Dubai transitions into an all-out party with a mind-blowing soundtrack to get you on your feet until the early hours. 

GO: Email or call 050 443 0933 for reservations and more information.

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