Superstar bartender opens Ergo in The Dubai EDITION

Former Zuma bar director, Jimmy Barrat, is behind the new cocktail bar.

New bars come and come in Dubai, so it’s hard to stand out from the nightlife crowd. However, Ergo in The Dubai EDITION already has a head start, as it has a superstar bar director behind its creation. 

Dubai-based Jimmy Barrat was previously the global bar development director of Zuma. After spending fifteen years with the group, he has decided to venture out on his own. Ergo in The Dubai EDITION, is a new bar and lounge, which is co-owned, curated and managed by Jimmy. 

Jimmy is famous for his inventive take on cocktails, as he draws inspiration from history and poetry. Ergo means “therefore” in Latin and the bar’s namesake comes from the French philosopher René Descartes’ famous phrase “cogito, ergo sum”, which translates into “I think, therefore I am”.

Ergo’s signature cocktails include the Jim and tonic with The Botanist, violet, artichoke, sage tincture and tonic. The negroni comes with nectarine, katamata vermouth blend and Italian bitters. Plus, the little red corvette is made with Chardonnay and homemade redcurrant cassis.

Inside Ergo in The Dubai EDITION, you’ll find high chairs and tables, which have views of the city. Plus, dim lighting and hip beats, which all add to the mood. 

Jimmy has bought together cool creatives to give Ergo a smart yet stylish vibe. The navy calligraphy decorating the walls has been created by the Italian artist, Luca Barcellona. The spherical lamps hanging from the ceilings were created by the Danish designer, Verner Panton, who is behind the famous furnishing company Verpan. 

Jimmy said: “I have always been gearing towards my own venue ever since I fell in love with bars, so I am eager to share and express myself in a new way through the medium of the Ergo bar experience. Ergo will not just be a place, it will be a philosophy. Having lived here in Dubai for so many years, I’m excited to try something new in the city that I call home.”

Ergo in The Dubai EDITION is open from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 6pm to 1am, and Friday to Saturday from 6pm to 2am. Ergo, let the drinking commence.  

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