This is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for

Beirut’s bunker-turned-nightclub is officially here.

The year was 1994. The popularity of musician Naji Gebran’s house parties in Beirut was still soaring, with the young and dispirited seeking solace in music as Lebanon continued to reel from the aftermath of war – and B 018 was born.

For the uninitiated, B018 is a bunker-turned-club and easily Lebanon’s most legendary nightlife venue. Rumours of a Dubai outpost started circulating last summer, giving revellers something to look forward to. And now it’s here. Admittedly, B018.dxb isn’t quite as underground as the Beirut original – what with its location on the 42nd floor of Media One Hotel and all – but don’t let that deter you. B018.dxb’s DNA is no different, bringing together art, design, music, ambience and experience to create a hub for “underground music lovers, the chasers of their own rhythm, the nonconformists, and the artists of wild thoughts”.

B018.dxb Media One

The team at 7 Management of Seven Sisters and Antika fame is responsible for this sequel, with founder and CEO Rabih Fakhreddine saying, “The torch has been passed on to us and we are excited for the opportunity to introduce an iconic Beirut born legacy to Dubai. B018.dxb is for the people with hope, a voice, and the lovers of change. To be part of this change and growth makes us proud, as the notoriety of the name alone is an honour, and the experience is a rite of passage for every Lebanese, now accessible for everyone. We are here sharing part of Lebanon’s culture and history 42 floors up at Media One Hotel, a truly remarkable moment for 7 Management, and we hope to keep the legacy alive and make you all proud while adding something new and original to Dubai’s nightlife, The Tropical Room, an additional fresh twist to the regular Main Room.”

B018.dxb Media One

Featuring lush greenery, plush sofas and hanging foliage, the twist in question is rooted in signature cocktails created by connoisseurs in the art of mixology, taking inspiration from Capri, Barbados and beyond. Open daily from 6pm until late, The Tropical Room also serves Japanese-oriented dishes and bar bites. Over in the Main Room – which has been designed to reflect its Beirut-based counterpart – dark interiors and an industrial aesthetic pay homage to the gothic-like feel of the mothership. It’s open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, playing Chicago house and UK garage, soul and disco, and all things techno respectively. Let the legacy continue.

GO: Visit or follow @b018.dxb on Instagram for more information.

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