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Explore Oman’s North Sharqiyah Winter Festival

Running until 10 February, it’s time to embrace this winter wonder.

If you’re looking for a winter escape filled with excitement, culture, and adventure, Oman’s North Sharqiyah Winter Festival is the place to be. The festival at Bidiya Public Park has already welcomed more than 72,000 visitors and runs until 10 February.

The North Sharqiyah Winter Festival aims to entertain and showcase the region’s tourist attractions. It also supports local businesses and families with its diverse activities, ensuring something for everyone.

The festival features a Heritage Village, a cultural oasis representing the essence of Omani traditions. Comprising the Omani Women’s Association, the agricultural sector, and desert life, it provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Omani culture

Sports enthusiasts can revel in the triathlon challenge race in the scenic Wadi Bani Khalid, bicycle racing, motorcycle shows in Dima W’attayeen, and paragliding displays. The festival’s commitment to promoting community spirit is evident in the inter-community cricket tournament, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition.

For families, there’s a dedicated theatre and the Toy Village – a haven for children filled with electronic games and entertainment activities. The open theatre becomes a melting pot of cultural and entertainment events, featuring children’s competitions, poetry sessions, and captivating scientific and entertaining performances. 

A standout feature of the festival is the First International Film and Desert Festival, adding a cinematic touch to the event. Additionally, the Omani Coffee Championship, a celebration of the country’s rich coffee culture, adds a flavorful dimension to the festivities.

With the sheer magnitude of activities and cultural showcases, the North Sharqiyah Winter Festival provides a blend of entertainment, education, and cultural exploration.

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