Netflix to premiere first Omani series on 12 January

Scattered Barriers follows the family of an Omani taxi driver, as they navigate their thoughts and theories about the COVID pandemic.

Scattered Barriers, a new series from Oman, will be premiering on Netflix this month. The show explores the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on human behaviour and society. The narrative follows Nasser, an Omani taxi driver who initially denies the severity of the virus until he loses his mother to it. Struggling with feelings of guilt and a reluctance to accept the new reality, Nasser eventually comes to understand the importance of family and community. In honour of his mother, he works to improve his life and come to terms with the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Scattered Barriers

The series, comprising six 35-minute episodes, is set in Oman but was shot on location in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. Scattered Barriers was directed by Adbelbary Adulkhair and filmed by award-winning cinematographer Susan Lumsdon. 

The cast includes Amina Abdel Rasoul, Ibrahim Al Zadjali, Essam Al Zadjali, Balqis Al Balushi, Raed Al Ameri, and Emirati actress Salama Al Mazrouei. In addition, 28 people with disabilities from 11 countries also participated in the series.

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