Metro magic is making its way to Muscat

Getting around the capital of Oman is about to get a whole lot easier.

Oman is not messing around when it comes to creating a sustainable and interconnected urban oasis. The country’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning is kicking it into high gear to bring a mass transit network to the capital city of Muscat. Get ready to hop on board the Muscat Metro, the city’s very first metro system.

The Muscat Metro will be the backbone of the city’s public transportation system. Routes have been carefully planned, considering key factors such as ease of access and the strategic positioning of main stations throughout the capital. This means you’ll have no trouble zipping around.

In addition to the metro system, the master plan recognises the importance of extending transportation options beyond the metro lines so you have plenty of options to get around. Express buses and other means of transport will be integrated to provide seamless connections to and from the metro.

Muscat Metro

The master plan isn’t just about transportation. It’s a big vision for Muscat’s economy too. Hubs of innovation, knowledge and tourism – called “economic blocs” will be created to make use of land. Prominent locations such as Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Sultan Qaboos University, Al Rusayl, Khazaen, Ruwi, Muttrah and the Airport zone will be developed in alignment with these economic blocs, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the city.

By bringing together different modes of transportation and mapping out the city’s growth strategically, the Greater Muscat Masterplan is about to work some serious magic. Muscat is getting ready to offer better mobility, more economic opportunities and an unbeatable quality of life for residents and visitors to this vibrant metropolis.

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