GAIA is set to debut in Doha next month

The refined taverna will reside within the heart of West Bay.

Considering its level of success here in Dubai – and recognition by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list – it comes as no surprise that GAIA is headed to Doha. As we inch closer to the FIFA World Cup, Qatar’s dining and hospitality scene is thriving, and it will soon include both the refined taverna and its sister concept NYX.

Set to debut next month, the Greek-Mediterranean restaurant and lifestyle concept will be situated within the heart of West Bay, enveloping the essence of Greece. Curated by Chef Izu Ani and restaurateur Evgeny Kuzin, GAIA surrounds traditional flavours, fresh ingredients, and the simplicity of home cooking with an enticing ambience. Named after the ancestral mother of all life, according to Greek mythology, GAIA is a Grecian escape that encapsulates warm hospitality with soft and delicate beauty.


To that end, GAIA Doha is also inspired by Aegean culture, seamlessly blending history and design to create an alluring atmosphere. Both the Dubai and Monte Carlo outposts represent and reflect the beauty of Greece; as guests enter the renowned whitewashed entrance, they are greeted with a welcoming dining area and lounge. The limestone walls and azure-coloured interior furnishings reflect the beauty of modern Greek architecture, whilst the magenta blooms of bougainvillaea pay homage to the bountiful botany of the Cyclades Islands.


GAIA serves humble, yet exquisite cuisine curated by an expert culinary team. With generosity and authenticity at the core of its ethos, every dish is made with love and fuelled with flavours and memories. Designed to be shared with friends and family, layer by layer, so that every dish enriches the next. The star of the show and masterpiece of the restaurant is undoubtedly GAIA’s signature Ice Market. Featuring an array of fresh fish and seafood which is delivered daily, it celebrates the depth and beauty of the ocean. With a beautiful and tempting display, diners can not only select their fish and seafood, but also have it cooked exactly to their preference.


As guests venture through the restaurant, they will find NYX, a sophisticated and beautiful terrace. Inspired by mythology, NYX is the sister of GAIA, influenced by the night and providing a stark contrast to the restaurant inside. The rich and flamboyant design integrates exquisite red and sapphire velvet textures with gold furniture, detailing and accessories, creating a more indulgent ambience. NYX’s elegant terrace evokes the nostalgia of vivacious summer nights on the Cyclades islands, while a DJ creates an elegant and exclusive atmosphere with a blend of vocal, funk and deep house music mixed with club classics, fuelling the night with excitement and entertainment.

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