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15 unmissable back-to-nature experiences at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert

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A stay at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert, comes with a whole host of benefits. Alongside luxurious accommodation in tented villas and a back-to-nature approach within the picturesque Al Wadi Nature Reserve, the desert resort boasts numerous Bedouin inspired experiences and exciting desert adventures. These are the 15 experiences you don’t want to miss, from wildlife watching to more exhilarating and strenuous activities.


Adults and children can master the art of archery with the resorts’ recurve target archery sessions. This target practice will help with hand to eye coordination, with evening sessions held against the golden sandscapes of the Al Wadi Desert Reserve. AED 310 per couple, AED 190 per adult and AED 125 per child, for 45-minutes.

Bird Watching

If you are an avid ornithologist or just want to immerse your children in a unique experience, then bird-watching is an ideal way to explore the desert environment. The guided adventure takes you on two wheels or four wheels, using spotter scopes, binoculars and identification books, as you spot migratory and resident birds throughout the resort grounds. AED 375 per couple, AED 250 per adult and AED 125 per child, for 90-minutes.

Al Wadi Desert Resort

E-fat Bike

Hop aboard a specially designed electronic fat bike and explore the desert as you climb the mountainous orange dunes for unrivalled desert views. This exhilarating activity offers guests a unique way to explore the desert while also providing a workout for bike riders. The guided ride can be scheduled with experienced rangers who will provide an opportunity to learn about flora and fauna along the route. AED 385 per couple and AED 260 per adult, for 60-minutes.

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Falcon & Owl Show

Witness the beauty of the Al Wadi’s resident falcons, owls and eagles in an interactive falconry and bird show. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about falconry in the Bedouin culture during an educational display that features the desert eagle owl, barn owl and Harris hawk.

back-to-nature experiences

Full Moon Camel Ride

Experience a full moon camel ride inside Al Wadi Nature Reserve. Taking place during the full moon nights of each month (including the night before and the night after), guests can enjoy a magical camel ride under the open sky followed by a stargazing experience. AED 535 per couple, for 30-minutes.

Guided Desert Exploration 

Connect with nature and discover the secrets of the Arabian dunes whilst encountering the flora and fauna surrounding the resort, including Arabian Oryx, Arabian Gazelles, and the recently introduced Blackbuck antelope. The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert’s team of knowledgeable guides will explain the ways of the desert in this fun activity for the whole family. AED 270 per adult, for 120-minutes.

back-to-nature experiences

Guided Desert Trail

Take part in a guided desert tour upon desert fat bikes and connect with nature. As you travel through the golden dunes, you may get the chance to view desert wildlife such as the Arabian Oryx and Arabian Gazelle. AED 160 per adult, for 60-minutes.

back-to-nature experiences

Horse Riding Lessons

With horse riding shown to improve posture, core strength and mental health, the equestrian centre’s expert team is offering both private and group lessons for hotel guests and local residents. Catering for all abilities, the lessons are held all year round at the picturesque paddocks and the horse-walking arena. AED 1,400 for ten lessons for beginners, AED 1,880 for ten lessons for advanced riders, and AED 1,050 for group lessons for two people.

Jebel Jais Inspired Barbecue

Enjoy a destination dining experience in the middle of the desert during the cooler months. The resort’s talented culinary team will create a unique Arabic-inspired BBQ set up for guests who would like to indulge in an exclusive dining experience with their loved ones. Prices from AED 800.

back-to-nature experiences

Night Walk

The night walk is a great way to connect with nature and see the resort in a whole new light underneath the stars. Led by an expert guide, guests will have the opportunity to spot nocturnal animals, including foraging desert hedgehogs, desert foxes and frog-eyed geckos. AED 310 per couple, AED 190 per adult and AED 125 per child, for 45-minutes.


Combining European hydrothermal culture with traditional Middle Eastern bathing rituals, The Rainforest Experience found at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert’s luxurious spa offers 16 different stations to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. From AED 159 per person, for 60 minutes.

Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Spa


Enjoy a serene star gazing experience away from the city’s bright lights where guests can request a specialised astronomy expert to help them spot stars, constellations, visible planets and galaxies. AED 375 per couple, AED 251 per adult and AED 190 per child, for 45-minutes.

back-to-nature experiences

Tree Planting

Al Wadi Desert offers tree planning in the Heritage Forest to help emphasise the importance of sustaining and preserving the environment. The resort has planted 600 Ghaf trees and aims to grow 200 more by 2023. AED 160 per tree.

Vintage Drive

Embark on a sunset drive in a 1952 Land Rover across 500 hectares of the Arabian Desert. The experience includes a picnic basket filled with savoury and sweet snacks, as well as a bottle of bubbles to be enjoyed while watching the sunset over the dunes. AED 2,000 per couple, AED 125 per child, for 60-minutes.

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Wildlife Feeding

This early morning wildlife feeding experience lets guests get up close and personal with the resident Arabian Oryx and Gazelles from an open vehicle. Led by a knowledgeable guide, this unique opportunity is perfect for adults and children looking to connect with nature. AED 160 per adult and AED 125 per child, for 30-minutes.

back-to-nature experiences

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert, invites guests to create unforgettable memories with signature experiences from one of its 100 private pool villas.

GO: Visit www.ritzcarlton.com/alwadidesert or call 07 206 7777 for reservations and more information.

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