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Review: A veritable Spice Odyssey at Trèsind Studio

Spice Odyssey is the sixth culinary chapter from the winner of ‘restaurant of the year’ at the Fact Dining Awards Dubai 2020.

Polishing off the thirteenth of Spice Odyssey’s fourteen courses, I recline, scrape the plate and quietly ask myself a question. Would licking the blissful remains of this miso caramel ice cream and aerated chocolate ganache adequately compliment chef Himanshu Saini and his accomplished crew? Should I take a self-portrait marking the plate with a smiley face of approval? Chef Massimo Bottura recently did the same when he visited Trèsind Studio recently.

Trèsind Studio

Trèsind Studio is one of Dubai’s leading restaurants. This Spice Odyssey delivers Trèsind Studio’s sixth and latest chapter. Its fourth chapter in just a year and a year where it also temporarily shut its doors due to COVID 19 restrictions. In a year where Trèsind Studio also championed collaborations with both local chefs and hosted acclaimed international Michelin starred restaurants. Trèsind Studio’s focus on constant innovation and perfecting their craft is why the restaurant and chef Himanshi Saini win accolades, awards and peer recognition. Trèsind Studio shines as a World’s 50 Best Discovery listed restaurant. Naturally, FACT Magazine agrees and awarded Trèsind Studio as a double winner for Dubai’s Best Restaurant and Best Indian Restaurant in 2020.

Trèsind Studio

Trèsind Studio is a fine dining, modern Indian restaurant. With only 20 covers, you are their guest and treated as such to an intimate experience. The latest smart, monochrome refurbishment of the intimate restaurant space is contemporary and trendy. Trèsind Studio feels cool, accessible and welcoming at the hands of its attentive, informed service. Chef Himanshu regularly serves plates to your table, explaining and unfolding the concepts and inspirations. The team personally chaperones you through each course in this Chapter’s Spice Odyssey. 

Trèsind Spice Odyssey

The courses kick off with a carousel of chaat courses. The cumin-scented pani puri with lemon preserve is a bright, fresh start that awakens your palate for the journey ahead. The shatteringly crisp courgette blossom millefeuille with pumpkin mash is a standout vegetarian course available on both menus. An impeccably plated dish purring with mellow spice lifted by tongue-poppingly sharp tamarind. Like Le Jardin (Trèsind’s fifth chapter), Spice Odyssey highlights why vegetarian dishes are on-trend in Dubai right now.

Meat lovers should look out for the gutsy kebab Scarpetta of tender, tangled lamb slow-cooked and served over candlelight with a pillowy-soft sourdough bun. The meltingly-supple duck leg confit wades in the deep-end of a pool of peanut butter curry.  

Trèsind Spice Odyssey

Trèsind Studio is known for its delectable broths; Spice Odyssey carries this forward. Plump chicken fat dumplings wallow in an ochre tomato broth spiced with green and black cardamom and fenugreek topped with crispy coriander. Chef Himanshu presents a tomato rasam slowly percolating through a coffee siphon to accompany a sunny prawn and potato salad perked up with swirls of tamarind and jaggery. These broths cradle you from the inside, consoling and soothing your woes.

Trèsind Spice Odyssey

Come hungry, as Spice Odyssey is a fourteen-course tour de force that upholds vegetarian food and offers superb eating. Ardent meat-eaters rest assured; both non-vegetarian and vegetarian menus are available for AED 495 per person. 

This is one adventurous journey that you do not want to miss!

GO: Email or call (0)56 420 9754 for reservations and more information.

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