99 Sushi is opening a terrific terrace with Burj Khalifa views

99 Lounge will serve a brand-new Japanese-inspired menu.

Just when we thought that the much-loved 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant couldn’t get any better, it announces that it is opening a luxurious lounge. 99 Lounge will serve a brand-new menu filled with Japanese-inspired food and drinks, all while offering spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain.

99 Lounge’s terrace boasts a clean minimalist design, from light grey limestone pavements to mauve banquettes, which are punctuated by the amber retro-lit bar. You’ll be sitting comfortably, as you’ll be entertained by acts ranging from live DJs to gipsy jazz house.

99 Lounge

Chef Ruben Guerrero is behind the new menu for the new extension, which focuses on sharing and nibbling. Plus, it’s not just for meat eaters, as there are vegetarian options, too. 

The FACT Award-winning 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant is known for its seafood selection, which includes Atlantic bluefin tuna and caviar. At 99 Lounge, guests can enjoy Foie ad Maguro Zuke (soy marinated akami, foie gras, tare and lime zest), and 99 Chirashi (marinated rice, ikura, toro tartare, caviar and nori cracker).

99 Lounge

The restaurant will also expand on its marbled meats, wagyu, Kobes and BBQ grills. Highlights include the Wagyu Maki (braised shiitake, avocado, asparagus and galangal butter jus), and Beef Tartare Korroke (umami potato croquettes, tamagoyaki and wagyu tartare).

If you’re after drinks with a view, 99 Lounge delivers with its exciting new cocktail menu, which celebrates Asian flavours and fragrances. Make your way through the East-meets-West Hong Kong menu, and take your pick from drinks including 99 Smoky Sour with Nikka from the barrel, 99 Fizz with Bombay Gin, and French 99 with Roku gin.

99 Lounge

Jaime Castañeda, 99 Managing Director, explains: “99 Lounge will be fully revisited to reflect the vibrancy of Dubai, upgrading its standards of comfort, food and entertainment as well.”

99 Lounge, it sounds like you’re hitting 100% of our needs. 

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