Black Flamingo: A magnificent Miami-inspired restaurant opening soon

Enjoy dinner, drinks and dancing at this glamorous new venue on Palm West Beach.

Welcome to Miami – well, almost. Black Flamingo is coming to Palm West Beach, and it’s bringing Latin and Caribbean vibes with it. The new restaurant is inspired by Miami’s more is more dining scene, as it boasts an eclectic menu in a luxurious setting.

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo celebrates Latino Hispanic and Caribbean Creole cultures to the max, and is scheduled to open before the end of the year. The food and drinks menu showcases flavours from the islands and cities in the Caribbean and the Americas. With chef Reif Othman – the man behind Reif Japanese Kutshiyaki and Nomani – at the helm, you know you’re in award-winning foodie hands. Plus, as the venue goes from day to night, it delivers dinner, drinks and dancing.

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo has standout interiors, which are perfect for a fancy night out. The décor is modern-day grand, as the high pillars and higher ceilings are lit-up with pink lights. Floral motifs can be found across the seats, chandeliers and painted ceiling, which all sit fittingly alongside actual foliage. Plus, the bar’s funky design deserves mention, as drinks are lined-up on a neon shelf and a stuffed parrot sits behind the counter. 

Rabih Fakhreddine, CEO of 7 Management, explains: “We are so excited to launch Black Flamingo, it promises a one-of-a-kind experience that we know Dubai will go crazy for. Stepping foot in Black Flamingo will transport you to a world that’s 12 thousand kilometres away

Black Flamingo

“When you walk out of here and people ask you where you were last night, you might as well say Miami, because that’s what Black Flamingo is. It will be the best Caribbean, Latino and Hispanic place on this side of The Gulf. A big statement, yes, but one we will stand by.” 

The only thing missing is Don Johnson. 

GO: Follow @blackflamingodxb for reservations and more information. 

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