Himanshu Saini and Christophe Hardiquest team up at Trèsind Studio

Trèsind Studio continues to pave the way for culinary collaborations in Dubai.

Having started the year with three collaborations with Michelin Star restaurants, Trèsind Studio is set to present another unique culinary experience for foodies in Dubai.

The winner of ‘Restaurant of the Year’ at the FACT Dining Awards Dubai 2020 is teaming up with Chef Christophe Hardiquest of the restaurant Bon Bon, the recipient of 2 Michelin Stars.

Christophe Hardiquest is the Executive Chef and Owner of Bon Bon, located in Brussels, Belgium. He will showcase his unique culinary style alongside Trèsind Studio’s Chef Himanshu Saini in an exclusive collaborative dining experience.

Trèsind Studio is renowned for providing diners with an immersive and intimate journey into Modernist Indian cuisine. Chef Himanshu Saini and his team of dynamic young chef’s craft elevated seasonal tasting menus with creative dishes that have taken inspiration from Frank Sinatra to lock down banana bread. Chef Himanshu’s distinctive style is a mélange of global ingredients and modern cooking techniques with traditional Indian elements. The evolution of Trèsind is his ode to the culinary legacy of his homeland.

Chef Christophe Hardiquest’s kitchen philosophy is based on top-quality products, from luxurious ingredients such as oysters to more common products such as figs and cheese. In his open kitchen, the chef refines those products without degenerating them. Within this philosophy, he serves classic Belgian dishes with an innovative twist. One of his signature dishes is the reinterpretation of the Belgian classic ‘tomates-crevettes” (tomatoes with shrimps), whereby Cristophe serves the shrimps raw, with a tomato jelly and caviar. 

This year has already seen Trèsind Studio collaborate with Ana Roš of Hiša Franko in Slovenia, Riccardo Camanini from Italy’s Lido 84 and Chef Manoella Buffara of the restaurant Manu. Trèsind Studio continues to bring unique gastronomic guests to Dubai to deliver world-class culinary experiences at a time when global travel feels like a distant memory.

We cannot wait to see what chefs Himanshu Saini and Christophe Hardiquest have in store for diners at exclusive collaborative dining experience.

The culinary collaboration will occur on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June, with sittings at 6:30pm and 9:30pm. AED 695 per person (food only).

GO: Visit or call (0)58 895 1272  for reservations and more information.

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