Chic Nonna Restaurant & Lounge is setting its sights on DIFC

Chic Nonna Restaurant & Lounge will be defined by timeless Italian charm, sophisticated style and authentic flavours.

Located in the heart of DIFC and scheduled to open later this year, Chic Nonna comprises an Italian restaurant, lounge and bar, featuring a state of the art open-plan kitchen, Chef’s table and what is believed to be the region’s most extensive grape cellar. Located on the upper floor, the upscale lounge overlooks the Dubai skyline with prime views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. 

Thoughtfully designed by LW Interiors Design and Eric Kuster, Metropolitan Luxury Chic, Chic Nonna will be defined with timeless Italian charm, sophisticated style and authentic flavours whilst embracing a performative and contemporary attitude. 

The new Italian concept comes to Dubai from Mine Lifestyle Dining by Mine & Yours Group, the leading Italian hospitality company in Dubai who have also announced the appointment of Chef Vito Mollica as Group Culinary Director and Executive Chef.

Chic Nonna Restaurant

Mine & Yours Group is emerging as one of Italy’s most successful hospitality companies. Chef Vito Mollica’s cooking style is defined by inspiring and preserving the original flavours of fresh ingredients and smoothly combining Italian tradition with an international twist. The relaxed and cosy ambience of Chic Nonna Restaurant & Lounge provides a natural stage for Chef Vito to perform his culinary art. An open-plan kitchen will allow diners to enjoy the interactivity of watching the culinary team preparing dishes.

Formerly of Michelin starred Il Palagio in Four Seasons Florence, Vito will offer his considerable creative and operational talents to establish Chic Nonna as a culinary heavyweight. 

Piero Giglio, Managing Partner and Director of Mine Lifestyle Dining by Mine & Yours Group, said “To have the talents of Chef Vito at the helm of Chic Nonna is an incredible opportunity to witness true Italian culinary craftsmanship at its best. I am confident his experience, creativity and passion for flavour and hospitality will undoubtedly position Chic Nonna as a true dining destination to experience a traditional taste of Italy with a contemporary charm.” 

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