Meet Dubai’s most ingenious desserts

A new gastronomic experience awaits at BRIX.

For sugar fiends across the city, there’s only one address that matters: BRIX. Located in Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1 and home to Dubai’s most ingenious desserts – each toes the line between science and art – this ten-seater spot features an open-plan format, allowing diners to observe the young chefs as they plate these masterpieces. As for the definitive way to experience Brix? BRIXjourney, an immersive culinary experience like no other.

brix dessert

Simultaneously engaging all five senses, this new journey is driven by curiosity and intrigue, with world-class chocolatier and pastry chef Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez and her team guiding foodies through one of Dubai’s first sensory sweet journeys – here, dinner is a theatre and the food is the show. Chef Hernandez, alongside culinary storyteller Chef Gregoire Berger, has created innovative techniques to combine astonishing ingredients with impeccable presentation and captivating storytelling, culminating in an evening you won’t soon forget. 

brix dessert

 There are two edible stories to choose between: ‘Fire and Ice’ or ‘The Escape’. Both are told through tantalising desserts and the unexplainable feeling of your senses tingling. The BRIXjourney’s intricate, sweet-centric menu includes savoury elements thoughtfully put together to deliver a harmonious balance. The menu is accompanied by drink pairings just as divine as its sweet counterparts. But be warned: Chef Hernandez and her sugar-wielding wizards only ask that you fully immerse yourself in this mystifying experience (read: all phones must be put away). 

brix dessert

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