This D3 hotspot is perfect for Emirati cuisine

Emirati owned restaurant and cafe SMAT presents tradition through tempting dishes.

Located in Dubai Design District, SMAT is a popular Emirati fusion restaurant and cafe that invites guests to indulge in an array of expertly prepared dishes. 

The charming interiors and enigmatic ambience make this cosy restaurant the ideal spot to revel in homemade Emirati cuisine, were tradition is given a contemporary spin in dishes such as Karak French Toast (AED 50), Balaleet Baitna (AED 40), Prawn Kunafa (AED 50), and Biryani Balls Short Rib (AED 50).

Emirati Cuisine

Nadia Alkhaja, the Emirati co-founder of the brand has carefully curated a menu that showcases renowned nostalgic local dishes with a flair for presentation and exciting flavour combinations. 

Translating to dining table, SMAT is a place for locals and expats to enjoy, while the sizeable outdoor seating area makes for the perfect destination to indulge in locally sourced, fragrant Gahwa whilst listening to the restaurants resident oud player. As patrons walk into the venue, they can expect to be greeted by a luxurious waft of fragrant oud followed by the alluring scents of sweet Lugaimat and sizzling Lamb Kebabs.

The eclectic venue seamlessly transitions from a warm spot for lunch into a cool co-working space for young creatives. As dusk falls the alfresco dining area morphs into a space to indulge in Emirati cuisine, rich desserts and specialty coffee.

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