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Where to eat at Al Qana

With 2.4-kilometres of picturesque walkways to explore, we’ve got you covered with the best places to dine at Abu Dhabi’s new waterfront destination.

Al Qana, already home to the largest aquarium in the Middle East, is forging ahead as a new hub for social dining in the capital with a glut of new restaurants. 

Rooftop Garden Lounge

Headlining these new additions is Rooftop Garden Lounge at The Bridge Lifestyle Hub. The 100% organic concept provides scenic views which overlook Al Qana’s city lights and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The enchanting atmosphere is accompanied by Rooftop Garden Lounge’s selection of vibrant and appetising dishes, which can be shared and paired with an assortment of artisanal mocktails.

Where to eat Al Qana


Like Chef Akmal Anuar’s other concepts, the contemporary Japanese restaurant is rooted in simple dishes made using high-quality ingredients. We’re told that fresh produce from various prefectures of Japan (Wagyu from Kagoshima, Otoro from Tokyo, and Uni from Hokkaido) has been key in the creation of its highly tantalising dishes, each coming together to form a menu that’s entirely unique. Here, some of the highlights include the Yellow Tail Carpaccio, Wagyu Tempura, Shabu Shabu Burger, and Seabass Miso Yaki. As for some of the desserts to leave room for? It’s a toss-up between the Green Tea Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate tart with butterscotch. Located in “Al Zaytoun District”, Otoro promises views of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, while the venue’s aesthetics stay true to the earthiness and neutrality of contemporary Japanese design, complemented by subtle decorative elements and a bright, welcoming ambience.

Otoro Abu Dhabi


Other new hotspots include Mado, a traditional Turkish cuisine and dessert chain. Combining tradition and deliciousness, Mado provides a unique food experience. As a historic restaurant chain with more than 300 years of heritage (and six outlets across Dubai), Mado is known for its Turkish cuisine, sweets and unique ice-cream concepts, from the famous Kahramanmaras ice cream to goat’s milk cheese, jams and yoghurt, Mado offers the ideal blend of traditional flavours and modern tastes and is located on the terraces of “Al Matal District” at Al Qana, with lovely sunset views.

Where to eat Al Qana


Another new and stylised concept is Tazal, dedicated to cultivating culture and relationships through global cuisine with an Arabic touch that reasserts Arabic heritage through the proud origin of coffee and the warmth of baking from the heart, and a fusion of fine dining food experiences. Tazal visitors can relax on the outdoor terrace with scenic views of the lively marina and lavish landscape. The restaurant is located in “Al Zaytoun District”, facing The National Aquarium’s main entrance.

Where to eat Al Qana


A Southern European-inspired restaurant and café called Oii will present the food, ambience and service styles found in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. Oii, meaning ‘Hey’ in Portuguese, is a place that instantly welcomes and relaxes its guests – offering Mediterranean charm, friendly conversations and tables laden with lots of great food to share.

Where to eat Al Qana

Grand Beirut

Grand Beirut from the team behind Mamsha Al Saadiyat’s Raclette and Beirut Sur Mer will open at Al Qana. Diners will be transported into the heart of the Levant with an authentic, handcrafted menu that focuses on enhancing the flavour of traditional Lebanese dishes instead of reinventing them.

where to eat Al Qana

Pinky Fish

Pinky Fish, a concept from MBT Management is a restaurant for seafood connoisseurs that will feature a seafood-driven exquisite menu prepared from the day’s freshest catch alongside interactive tableside experiences.

Al Qana Dining

Charismatic Cafés

With Cartel Coffee Roasters, Notorious Café, La Ballena Café, and Taste Restaurant already delighting Al Qana’s visitors, these new concepts provide an ever-increasing range of popular culinary concepts for food enthusiasts to indulge in.

Where to eat Al Qana

Coming Soon

Upcoming concepts that will open soon include Joud Café, Terra Café, Space Café, Puffs Coffee Bar, Tjaarz Coffee Works, PAVO Restaurant, Steps Café, Blue Waves Café, Cave Café and Wing It. The realisation of these outlets will further diversify Al Qana’s mix of culture and cuisine to create the ultimate dining destination for UAE citizens and residents.

Where to eat Al Qana

Entertainment, retail, wellness and adventure attractions also feature healing at Al Qana and include a first-of-its-kind lifestyle and wellness hub called The Bridge, the largest standalone cinema in Abu Dhabi, a first-to-the-UAE multiple-level Virtual Reality Zone, a state-of-the-art E-Sports arena and a 4,000m2 kids’ entertainment and activity centre.

GO: Visit www.alqana.ae for more information.

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