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Ancient Kingdoms Festival in AlUla celebrates Saudi Arabia’s history

The festival includes installations, tours and workshops.

AlUla is one of the most spectacular sights in Saudi Arabia, as it combines history with modernity. The area is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hosts world-famous concerts. Now, Ancient Kingdoms Festival returns with exciting events, and runs from 16 November to 2 December.

Ancient Kingdoms Festival gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Saudi Arabia’s historic sights through one-of-a-kind experiences. AlUla is home to more than 2,000 years of history, and has a history that matches Jordan’s Petra and Egypt’s Giza. Guests can learn about the Nabatean civilisation, which dates back to the first century AD. 

Ancient Kingdoms Festival

If you’re after some hands-on experiences, then Ancient Kingdoms Festival delivers. The Memory Sanctuary is an immersive installation, which showcases the relationship between flavours and memory. In the fun experience, visitors will be able to create nitrogen-frozen treats. Ikmah After Dark – Illuminated Inscriptions gives visitors the chance to try stone carving and petroglyph rubbings, and culminates in a show projected over the Jabal Ikmah mountain.

Ancient Kingdoms Festival also includes carefully curated tours, from Khaybar Heritage Tour with a look at the volcanic desert ecosystem, to Tayma Heritage Tour which was once home to the last Babylonian king. Plus, Hegra After Dark brings to life the Incense Road through storytelling, and Hegra Wildlife takes you on a tour of the flora, fauna and tombs.

Ancient Kingdoms Festival

 While you’re in AlUla, pay a visit to AlUla’s Maraya. AlUla’s Maraya is the world’s largest mirrored building, which reflects the desert landscape of Ashar Valley. The building is home to a concert hall that welcomes celebrity performers, and restauranteur Jason Atherton’s Maraya Social.

AlUla, you always impress. 

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