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The ultimate list of AlUla’s best dining destinations

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual diner, these dining experiences promise an unforgettable fusion of cultural richness and flavours.

AlUla, a sought-after destination for both Saudi locals and international tourists, promises a blend of captivating activities and serene surroundings. Amidst the plethora of planned adventures, culinary exploration awaits from casual spots to fine-dining favourites and several limited-time pop-ups. These are the best restaurants in AlUla.

Alain Ducasse Jabal Ikmah

The world-famous chef Alain Ducasse has opened a pop-up in AlUla. Located adjacent to the ancient heritage site of Jabal Ikmah, the restaurant offers a contemporary take on French food. Ducasse in AlUla effortlessly integrates sustainability with the rich flavours of Saudi Arabia, France, and the broader Middle Eastern region. Ducasse has appointed Afonso Salvação Barreto, one of his talented proteges, as the executive chef of the restaurant. Ducasse in AlUla has been crafted by French designer Aliénor Béchu and Donald Bovy from Volume ABC. The design blends with the surrounding environment, showcasing a thoughtful architectural integration that pays homage to the region’s natural heritage.

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Alain Ducasse

AlNakheel Cafe – AlUla Old Town

Nestled in Old Town, AlNakheel Cafe beckons with its warm ambience and an enticing menu blending Hijazi and Lebanese flavours. The outdoor seating, set against the backdrop of the AlUla Old Town’s mudbrick charm, offers a cosy spot to savour authentic dishes while soaking in views of the Oasis and distant mountains. The large communal tables are perfect for sharing plates, featuring the signature round bread hot from the clay oven. Among the highlights are the tantalising mixed grills and the crispy muttabaq, boasting sweet or savoury fillings. The cafe also caters to shisha enthusiasts.

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Al Nakeel AlUla

Café Ruc – AlUla Old Town

Café Ruc brings a touch of Parisian chic to AlUla. Located in the Old Town, the brasserie serves classic French food, which includes breakfast omelettes, Beef Bourguignon and Onion Soup. If the original menu is anything to go by, you can also expert classic French desserts and pastries. The original menu includes Crème Brulée, Profiteroles and, in true French style, an extensive range of cheeses. The original venue is located near the Louvre in the first arrondissement, Paris, and is a popular spot in the capital.  

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Novikov AlUla

Circolo – AlUla Old Town

Situated on the edge of the Oasis in Al Jadidah District, Circolo is one of the best restaurants in AlUla for Italian cuisine and offers a serene dining experience with a backdrop of picturesque valley views and mountains. Open for both lunch and dinner, Circolo tempts taste buds with a menu featuring carefully crafted small plates and artisanal pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven. Standout dishes include the zesty citrus risotto and the indulgent fried goat cheese salad with a unique blood orange dressing, showcasing a delightful fusion of Italian flavours and local ingredients.

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Circolo AlUla

Daimumah Restaurant – Daimumah Oasis

Situated in the idyllic Daimumah Oasis, Daimumah Restaurant invites guests to dine amidst ancient farmland and palm-scattered landscapes. Positioned near the western entrance of this picturesque oasis, the open-air eatery offers a unique setting for a memorable meal. Guests can unwind on the shaded deck, surrounded by citrus trees, and explore an eclectic menu featuring a fusion of local flavours and international favourites. From shareable starters to memorable mains, topped off with a refreshing selection of palate-cleansing sorbets, Daimumah Restaurant is a wonderful stop to savour diverse and delightful dishes.

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Daimumah Restaurant

Entrecôte Café de Paris – AlUla Old Town

Tucked away in AlUla Old Town, Entrecote Cafe de Paris brings the charm of Swiss cuisine to AlUla. Its piece de resistance is the legendary Cafe de Paris secret sauce, crafted by Chef Boubier in 1930, promising a taste of culinary history. What makes Entrecôte distinctive is its commitment to simplicity, offering a single menu formula. This is one of the best restaurants in AlUla to embark on a gastronomic journey marrying tradition with innovation that has proven popular across the world.

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Entrecote Al Ula

Heart Of Oasis – AlUla Old Town

Nestled among two million date palms, the Heart of Oasis Restaurant in Old Town offers a unique dining experience. Embracing a farm-to-fork concept, this eatery pays homage to the slow food movement, ensuring a delightful journey from local farms to your plate. The menu boasts dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients, celebrating the bounties of AlUla Oasis.

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Heart of The Oasis

Maraya Social – Maraya Concert Hall

Perched atop the world’s largest mirrored building, Maraya Social, brought to life by acclaimed chef Jason Atherton, offers a fine dining experience like no other. As one of the most lauded restaurants in AlUla, Maraya Social showcases a delightful array of sharing plates and exquisite mocktails, curated with seasonal produce and blending Arabian, British and Mediterranean influences in Atherton’s signature style. Beyond the exceptional cuisine, Maraya Social serves as a multifaceted haven for relaxation, dining, meetings, and socialising, overlooking the rock-strewn canyons of Ashar Valley.

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best restaurants in AlUla


Crowned the best restaurant in Saudi Arabia by the FACT team, MYAZŪ is a homegrown restaurant that blends tradition with avant-garde flair. Chef Ian Pengelley orchestrates a menu that’s a clever curation of Japanese favourites. He elevates gastronomic craftsmanship with dishes like the daring scallop and foie gras gyoza and the marinated yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno. Inspired by both Tokyo’s fine dining scene and Kyoto’s smoky yakitori-lined alleyways, MYAZŪ promises a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

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Myazu AlUla

Novikov AlUla AlUla Old Town

Novikov AlUla boasts a menu spanning Asian and Italian cuisine, and includes everything from wood oven fired pizzas to sushi platters. Dishes from the original menu also include dim sum, robata and wok dishes. In 2011, the flagship restaurant opened in Mayfair, London. Now, it can be found across the world in Bodrum, Doha, Miami, Moscow and Sardinia. Plus, it is located in Jeddah’s Boulevard Mall. Novikov in London has welcomed A-list names. The previous guests include boxer Anthony Joshua, singer Justin Bieber, tennis star Novak Djokovic and Olympic champion Usain Bolt. The restaurant was created by Arkadiy Novikov, who hails from Moscow and owns more than 50 restaurants.

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Novikov AlUla

Saffron – Banyan Tree AlUla

Nestled in Banyan Tree AlUla, Saffron introduces a culinary voyage with its signature Thai flavours. Originally a humble curry house, Saffron has blossomed into an award-winning dining haven, earning its status as the quintessential Thai restaurant of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. With Thai chefs at the helm, the restaurant crafts contemporary Thai cuisine that tantalises taste buds with the essence of lemongrass, coconut milk, and aromatic spices.

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Saffron Banyan Tree AlUla

SASS AlUla – Hail Road

The legendary nightspot from Monaco has arrived in the Kingdom. SASS AlUla boasts a fine dining menu featuring Mediterranean and South American cuisine. What makes this venue truly stand out is its theatrical live open-fire cooking, adding a touch of spectacle to your dining experience. Live DJ sessions, glitzy decor, and the breathtaking backdrop of AlUla’s dramatic desert canyons further enhance the restaurant’s inimitable vibe. As one of the newest restaurants in AlUla, SASS is only open until the middle of March.

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The Arabic meets Mediterranean restaurant Somewhere has expanded across the Middle East from Abu Dhabi to AlUla. The restaurant has opened in AlUla’s Oasis Farm and pays homage to flavours from around the world. The menu includes Beetroot Rice, Kale Tabouli Salad, and Wagyu Baos, served in a serene setting amongst palm trees and water features. Plus, there are sweet treats from baklava to layered cakes. 

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Suhail – AlUla Old Town

Tucked in Old Town, Suhail Restaurant elevates the culinary experience by offering innovative dishes inspired by Saudi heritage. This high-end, modern dining gem beautifully weaves together the timeless flavours and honoured traditions of the Arabian Peninsula. The dining concept, named after the region’s shining star, Suhail, creates an enchanting ambience. Traditionally used for navigation during desert journeys, Suhail now guides visitors to a restored mudbrick building along the main road.

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Suhail AlUla

Tama – Habitas AlUla

Located in the Habitas AlUla, Tama, aptly named ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, offers a culinary journey deeply rooted in AlUla’s rich heritage. The menu is a delightful fusion of global and Middle Eastern cuisine, artfully blending local ingredients and spices traded along the historic incense route. Sourcing its ingredients from local farms surrounding AlUla, Tama brings Saudi Arabia’s unique flavours to the forefront. Each dish is a testament to the region’s culinary diversity, making a meal at Tama an exploration of vibrant and authentic tastes.

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best restaurants in AlUla

Tawlet Fayza – AlUla Old Town

Tawlet Fayza promises a dining experience that feels like a warm invitation to a Saudi grandmother’s home. Located in the Oasis in AlUla Old Town, this us one of the newest restaurants in AlUla and channels the heartwarming essence of its inspiration – the founder’s grandmother, who’s a local resident. Skip the formality, sit at the communal table, and get ready for a farm-to-table journey with an evolving menu. Tawlet Fayza is not just a restaurant, it’s a heartfelt celebration of Saudi heritage, inviting you to savour the flavours of home-cooked goodness amidst the serene surroundings.

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restaurants in AlUla

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