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Authenticity reigns supreme at this Al Khobar eatery

Hellenika merges culinary innovation with centuries-old Greek and Cypriot traditions.

Fresh and flavourful, Greek cuisine has a near-universal appeal, making Hellenika one of the more popular fine-dining destinations in Al Khobar. Taking up residence at the waterfront Matal Complex, the restaurant was established in 2021 by Cavadore Limited, in partnership with Al Moajil Hospitality. It pays homage to the extraordinary flavours of Hellenic cuisine by merging culinary innovation with centuries-old Greek and Cypriot traditions, thereby curating an immersive dining experience that brings the renowned flavours of Greek islands to the heart of the kingdom.

Hellenika Al Khobar

What’s more, Hellenika has been recognised by the Greek Tastes Beyond Borders (GTBB) organisation for its outstanding quality, authentic flavours, and contribution to the sustainment of Greek culture outside of Greece. Awarded the Authentic Taste of Greece Gold Award 2022 and selected as the Ambassador of Authentic Greek Taste, the Saudi-born culinary establishment has cemented the country as a leading destination for gastronomy on the global stage.

Hellenika Al Khobar

A concept 30 years in the making, Hellenika reimagines Greek cuisine for the 21st century whilst preserving the culinary traditions that the world has come to love. Here, a meticulous menu featuring over 60 exclusive ingredients flown in from Greece forms the foundation of the restaurant’s gastronomical experience. Highlights include the Marinated Sea Bass with pumpkin and lotus chips, Black and White Tarmosalata served with cod roe, Wagyu Keftedes with Homer’s Trilogy Cheese and truffle artichoke dip, Seafood Orzo, and Lobster Fricassee with porcini mushrooms – just be sure to leave room for dessert.

Hellenika Al Khobar

The Mastic Forest of Chios, a decadent lemon thyme chocolate ganache with passionfruit crèmeux and mastic tears, comes highly recommended. A stunning selection of mocktails, meanwhile, is expertly crafted using Greek herbs and modern mixology techniques, rounding off the à la carte dining experience. As for the ultimate ingredient in Greek cuisine? Hellenika’s extra-virgin olive oil is grown, harvested and bottled in Greece especially for the brand. It all happens in a breathtaking beachfront location comprising a sea-view terrace and panoramic dining area with an open kitchen that features rustic ceiling sails, vibrant blue accents, and natural Greek materials – a nod to Greece’s clear blue skies and rich maritime culture, of course.

GO: Email or call +966 9200 12579 for reservations and more information.

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