Qilada Fine Jewellery opens a fabulous flagship in Jeddah 

The brand showcases its latest collection in store.

Get ready to be bedazzled as Qilada Fine Jewellery proudly opens the doors to its exquisite flagship store in Jeddah. Founded in 2012 by the visionary Fatima Ficociello, the brand has come a long way, and this launch in Al Basateen Mall is a testament to its evolution. Situated within the mall, the store is in a prominent position, and is a fittingly luxurious backdrop for the brand’s opulent offerings.

The interior design reflects Qilada’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Stepping into the store, the design boasts luxe marble flooring. The simple yet sophisticated black and white aesthetic is interwoven with gold accents, and creates an inviting ambiance that reflects the brand’s values. A magnificent chandelier graces the space, casting a soft glow over the meticulously displayed jewellery.

Qilada Fine Jewellery, synonymous with handcrafted luxury, showcases its dedication to excellence in every corner of the flagship store. The collection is a testament to the brand’s artistry. The collection features intricately designed necklaces that shimmer with the brilliance of diamonds and bracelets that delicately embrace the wrist.

The diversity within the collection ensures that there is a masterpiece for every taste and occasion. Whether you seek a statement piece for a glamorous gala event or a timeless classic for everyday wear, Qilada Fine Jewellery has curated a selection that resonates with the wearer. So head over now and become a part of this exquisite journey in Jeddah.

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