WWE brings SmackDown and King & Queen of the Ring to Saudi Arabia

The two events will be held in Jeddah next month.

Do you know your power slam from your mandible claw? Well, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the WWE is returning to Jeddah. 

If you grew up in Saudi Arabia, you were probably glued to the TV screen on Channel 2, watching WWF (because that’s how we millennials remember it) on late weekend nights. And you’re in for a treat now because wrestling is heading back to the Kingdom, with WWE returning to Jeddah with a two-night event.

Taking place on 24 and 25 May, WWE will be hosting two of its famous events at the Jeddah Superdome. The first one will be SmackDown, heading to Saudi Arabia on Friday, 24 May, followed by the King & Queen of the Ring tournament on Saturday, 25 May.

For those unfamiliar with WWE and its events, Smackdown — also known as Friday Night Smackdown — is a televised wrestling extravaganza that typically airs on weekends. However, with the upcoming event in Saudi Arabia, you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness all the action live in the Jeddah Superdome. This will mark the first time that Smackdown will be filmed in the Kingdom, bringing the thrill of the event closer to audiences around the world.

Likewise, the King of the Ring tournament is a storied WWE tradition, tracing back to 1985. Legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T, and William Regal have all been crowned kings in the past. The Queen’s Crown tournament, a newer addition to the WWE landscape, promises to showcase the best women’s wrestling talent.

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a pivotal hub for WWE events, hosting prestigious editions like the WWE Crown Jewel and WWE attractions at Riyadh Season, all designed to captivate the audience. Esteemed wrestlers such as Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins have even graced the Kingdom during these events.

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