Siddharta Lounge is opening a rooftop restaurant in Jeddah

Siddharta Lounge Jeddah marks the brand’s debut in Saudi Arabia.

Across the region, Siddharta Lounge has become a byword for mingling in style, so it was only a matter of time until this award-winning concept landed in Saudi Arabia. A member of the globally acclaimed Buddha-Bar hospitality group, the new outpost in Jeddah will follow locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat. As for what’s expected? A gastronomic journey that will combine the artistry of Mediterranean cuisine with the universal allure of Asian fusion favourites at Assila, a Luxury Collection Hotel.

Siddharta Lounge Jeddah

As residents eagerly await its grand debut, the new venue is poised to redefine the culinary landscape in Jeddah by way of an alluring blend of urban and natural elements that adorn its interior. Siddharta Lounge Jeddah comprises a restaurant, a lounge, and a rooftop pool complete with comfortable sun loungers, elegant dinner tables, and captivating views of the city. The design showcases sleek bars, while a thoughtfully elevated deck area provides a higher vantage point for an enhanced viewing experience. The clever use of wooden textures in both the interiors and exteriors, meanwhile, adds a touch of zen and sophistication to the overall ambiance.

Siddharta Lounge Jeddah

Guided by the ethos of delivering gourmet fare in a lavish manner, Siddharta Lounge takes immense pride in presenting meticulously crafted dishes that are poised to tantalise both the palate and the senses. And like other outposts, the menu here epitomises a modern twist on the cherished Nouvelle Cuisine tradition. Corporate Asian Chef Zuzumo, a maestro in the realm of culinary expertise, displays a spectrum of Mediterranean creations seamlessly transitioning to beloved Asian fusion favourites. Among these delights are signatures like the Siddharta Lounge Volcano Maki roll alongside delectable dishes such as Lobster Gyoza and Sakana Pot, each artfully plated to enhance the dining experience.

Siddharta Lounge Jeddah

Moreover, Siddharta Lounge Jeddah elevates the mixology experience with an innovative beverage programme. The bar’s sleek design is a testament to the team’s dedication to perfection, showcasing fresh herbs and spices used to craft uniquely infused drinks served in outlandish glassware.

Siddharta Lounge Jeddah

Beyond its culinary offerings, Siddharta Lounge Jeddah beckons guests to experience its captivating ambience. As the evening unfolds, the venue will transform into an energetic and trendy destination, seamlessly transitioning from a lounge to a restaurant/bar and eventually an entertainment hub. Guests can relive cherished memories while indulging in authentic culinary delicacies. Expect an exotic atmosphere curated from both international and resident DJs to captivate the essence of the Siddharta Lounge experience.

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